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Buyout agreements in Maryland

Buy-sell agreements, which are also called buyout agreements, are used in business structures with multiple shareholders as a means of passing shares from one shareholder to another. Depending on the size of the company and t[ ... ]

Using a notary to avoid potential contract disputes

Business owners in Maryland will likely be involved in some sort of contract dispute at one time or another. While some of these disputes may be complex in nature and difficult to anticipate, others could be avoided by taking a[ ... ]

Waiver of remedy for a breach of contract

Maryland business owners might be interested to learn about special circumstances when a breach of contract does not require a remedy. In general, a party who was involved in a contract that was breached by another party would b[ ... ]

Enforcement of the ADA in Maryland

Employers in Maryland are required by federal law to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The law allows employers to offer reasonable accommodations to employees who have a disability. Providing reasonable accommoda[ ... ]

Registering a trademark for a new business

Many entrepreneurs involved in a business start-up may pride themselves on attending to the myriad details of running a new venture. One thing that even the most conscientious entrepreneurs might overlook during business formati[ ... ]

Pros and cons of buying an existing business

Purchasing an existing business is an option for Maryland residents who would like to become business owners. Before going ahead with the purchase of an existing business, however, it is important to consider the benefits and dr[ ... ]

Rising use of non-compete contracts sparks controversy

Well drafted employment contracts are critical for many employers in the Columbia area. Successful companies often recognize that because employment is at-will under Maryland law, it is important to draw some contractual paramet[ ... ]

Taking your time with the divorce now may save you later

Many Maryland couples who are experiencing the hurt and discord associated with divorce proceedings often just want the whole thing completed as quickly as possible. Some experts are cautioning against that impulse though in ord[ ... ]