Star Financial Services Inc.

Here at Lusk Law, LLC, we know we owe our success to our clients. We are happy to serve them and to help them in all their professional endeavors, whether in court litigation or understanding business laws. As such, we would like to take the opportunity in these e-blasts to highlight a trusted client with whom we have a long-standing relationship. For our second entry, we have selected Star Financial Services, Inc., and its President and CEO, Yonas Marcos.

Yonas’ path to success began 8,000 miles away in Addis Abeba, the bustling capital city of Ethiopia. Born and raised in this cultural hotbed, he spent most of his adolescence working for his father’s conglomerate business, learning firsthand the pros and cons of laboring for yourself. Yonas chose to come to the U.S. for his college education and graduated from Maryland’s own Towson University. After finishing school, he started navigating the entrepreneurship dream in his one-bedroom apartment while maintaining a full-time job. Moderate success prompted him to seek a temporary leave of absence from his job and, once he was able to focus solely on growing his business, there has been no looking back. Within a matter of only a few short years, Star Financial became the largest supplier of ATM equipment service and supplies in the Baltimore Region.

Star Financial Services Inc.

An advocate of integrity and outstanding service, Yonas is proud to operate his minority-owned business around these core principles. Founded in 2007 and based in Elkridge, Star Financial currently owns and operates approximately 350 ATMs in the Baltimore – Washington corridor, and over 1,000 merchant payment accounts in the Northeast. By investing in strategic partnerships with some of the largest banks and processing networks in the U.S, Star Financial can boast of collectively having over 10 years of experience providing financial payment processing services to businesses across all industries nationwide. Alliances with these industry leaders have allowed Star Financial to expand the capabilities of its payment processing services by offering multiple channels such as bill payment, debit/gift card programs, ATM/Kiosk equipment, and mobile payment devices. Yonas credits these partnerships with underscoring the company’s dedication to its clients, which, in turn, is the basis for its accomplishments.

Star Financial prides itself on customer service by being proactive and responding to clients’ needs in a timely manner. Yonas credits the fact that Lusk Law, LLC shares this same approach as the main reason he enjoys working with our firm. Since 2010, we’ve worked together on a number of different matters, from contract negotiations to asset purchase agreements, from court litigation to wills and trusts. Yonas was particularly pleased when Lusk Law, LLC assisted Star Financial in acquiring one of the largest independent ATM operators in the Washington, DC, area by reviewing pertinent financial documents and helping to arrange a favorable purchase agreement, thus assisting Star Financial to become one of the largest ATM Operators in the nation’s capital.

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