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The equine industry is a rich part of Maryland’s culture and economy. Unfortunately, when you deal with horses long enough, you’re bound to run into equine legal troubles eventually. When legal issues around horses arise, you need an experienced Maryland equine law attorney on your side.

Whether a client is taking legal action after a boarded horse is injured or you need to fight back against a horse broker who sold you a sick animal, a skilled equine law attorney can make all the difference to your outcome.

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Experienced Maryland Equine Law Attorneys on Your Side

Lusk Law, LLC has spent many years building a reputation as a Maryland law firm that assists horse owners and small business owners in navigating challenges related to Maryland equine law and the sale and ownership of horses across the state.

The skilled team of Maryland equine law attorneys at Lusk Law, LLC is composed of Rebekah Lusk and Steven Bright. Attorneys Rebekah Lusk and Steven Bright own a small horse boarding farm, giving them firsthand knowledge of the many challenges that horse and stable owners must navigate.

Lusk Law, LLC is proud of the countless positive client testimonials the firm has garnered in the years since its founding. If you find yourself facing equine-related legal troubles, Lusk Law, LLC has the qualified equine law attorneys you need on your side.

How a Maryland Equine Law Attorney Can Help

Horses are a two-billion-dollar industry in Maryland. Maryland is known as the state with the most horses per square mile, and the state boasts over 800 stables. It’s understandable that in such an important industry, there is no shortage of legal disputes that can occur.

When you find yourself facing legal issues related to the equine industry or equine laws, our Maryland equine law attorneys are here to help.

We’re well aware of the many legal challenges that can arise when horses are involved. Some of the many individuals we offer equine legal assistance to include:

Lusk Law: Equine Attorneys

  • Horse owners
  • Stable owners
  • Boarders
  • Groomers
  • Breeders
  • Brokers
  • Buyers
  • Trainers
  • Veterinarians
  • Equestrian coaches
  • Equine therapists

Farmers often own horses, which means that Maryland agricultural regulations often overlap with equine laws. The equine law lawyers at Lusk Law, LLC routinely work with Maryland farmers to help them navigate challenges and maintain legal compliance.

Equine legal issues are often costly. Furthermore, they frequently put a business’s reputation at risk. Whether you need to take legal action over an equine matter or you need help defending yourself against another’s claims, a Maryland equine law attorney can advocate on your behalf.

Dealing with legal challenges related to the Maryland horse industry? Lusk Law, LLC can help. Call 443-535-9715 to schedule a consultation with a skilled Maryland equine law attorney today.

Equine Legal Matters We Commonly Handle

At Lusk Law, LLC, we see clients in need of legal support for a wide range of horse-related concerns. Some of the most common equine law matters we handle include:

Lusk Law: Equine Attorneys

  • Ownership disputes
  • Boarding disputes
  • Sales and transfer disputes
  • Equine transportation
  • Breeding
  • Equine welfare concerns
  • Equine injuries
  • Equine liability
  • Equine litigation
  • Equine land use.

These matters encompass only some of the equine law legal services offered by Lusk Law, LLC.

The knowledgeable attorneys at Lusk Law, LLC are also experienced small business lawyers. We know that equine legal issues often intersect with other business affairs, especially for those who own businesses in the equine industry. That is why we cover a wide range of legal needs for small businesses. Some of these include:

  • Contract drafting and review
  • Business structure advice and planning
  • Contract disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Debt collection for businesses
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Commercial leases
  • Landlord-tenant disputes.

Our clients find that when the equine law attorneys at Lusk Law, LLC assist in other legal concerns, their businesses are better protected against the risk of equine legal issues arising later down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions clients ask our attorneys include:

It’s never too soon to involve an attorney. Proactively involving a lawyer in your equine affairs can save you significant money in the long term. A lawyer protects your reputation, helps your business thrive, and works to prevent you from ending up in costly and stressful legal proceedings.

The only way to accurately assess your business’s liability is to have a Maryland equine law attorney conduct a risk assessment. A lawyer can review your contracts and business practices and identify the areas in which your equine business is exposed to legal liabilities.

It’s hard to accomplish anything in the Maryland equine industry without needing a contract — and that’s for good reason. Contracts protect everyone involved with any type of equine transaction, provided they are well-drafted by a qualified equine law attorney.

Equine contracts frequently lead to contract disputes. Buying, selling, leasing, boarding, transportation, and breeding agreements are the most common contract types that result in legal issues. You should never conduct a legal transaction without a legally binding contract in place, and you should always have a lawyer conduct a contract review before you sign one.

Don’t wait to protect your horses and your Maryland equine business. The Maryland equine law attorneys at Lusk Law, LLC are available to discuss how we can help with your legal needs.

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Equine legal matters are no small affair. They can have a substantial impact on your finances and often harm your reputation and the success of your business. When you need to take legal action and horses are involved, you need a Maryland equine law attorney who knows the state’s equine laws and has experience successfully representing clients in equine-related legal concerns.

Lusk Law, LLC has the Maryland equine knowledge you need for your case. Call 443-535-9715 today to speak with a dedicated Maryland equine law attorney in Frederick, MD.

Attorney Rebekah Damen Lusk

Rebekah Damen Lusk is the Founder and Managing Member of Lusk Law, LLC. Rebekah brings personal experiences as a small business owner, real estate investor, landlord, and farm owner to the task of practicing law and working with clients. Her practice areas include general civil litigation, business, employment, landlord/tenant, real estate, and equine/animal law. [ Attorney Bio ]