5 Steps Businesses Should Take to Reduce the Threat of a Lawsuit

It’s an unpleasant part of doing business, but it’s an increasingly common one: If you’re a business owner, you may very well find yourself facing a lawsuit. In fact, a recent poll found that [ ... ]

How Small-Business Owners Can Reduce Slip & Fall Liability

As a small-business owner, you likely don’t have the deep pockets of a large corporation. If sued, you can’t pay out a hefty settlement and then just move on. One costly lawsuit may have the power to break you and your company. The good news is that Maryland is one of the[ ... ]

MHIC Complaints: What Homeowners Need to Know

When you hire someone for a home improvement project, you want some assurance that the work will be of good quality and conducted in a timely manner. Your contract should state the scope of the project, along with specific details about costs, payment, and timelines; but, occa[ ... ]

New Overtime Regulations: What Small Businesses Need to Know

On December 1, 2016 new federal overtime regulations take effect, making about 4.2 million more U.S. workers eligible for overtime pay. Currently, only salaried workers earning le[ ... ]

Legal options for dealing with an uncooperative business partner

Columbia business owners may be interested in some options available to deal with a partner that is not cooperating. Avoiding a deadlock can be accomplished in a few ways, depending on the circumstances. Many small businesses are owned by a small number of people. This can[ ... ]

Effective human resources policies for businesses in Maryland

If you own or manage a business in Maryland, you likely believe that a proactive approach may anticipate potential areas of conflict and could avoid protracted and costly litigation. Disputes cause by the actions of employees or disagreements with former employees are often pa[ ... ]