How to Classify an Independent Contractor vs. an Employee

When your business grows to the point where you need to have people doing work for you, you are faced with making an important decision. Are these workers employees or are they independent contractors? How these workers are classified makes a big difference. Busin[ ... ]

Workers prioritize jobs over filing sexual harassment suits

Despite discrimination laws prohibiting workplace sexual harassment, it remains a widespread problem in Maryland and across the country. The employment and education vice president at the National Women's Law Center testified in[ ... ]

Dealing with workplace harassment and discrimination

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The options that employees have when their rights are violated

There are several laws in place to protect the civil rights of employees. For example, workers cannot be overlooked for promotion because of their gender, race or religion. When the protected rights of Maryland workers are viola[ ... ]

UFC faces antitrust lawsuits

Residents of Maryland who enjoy mixed martial arts may be interested to learn that the Ultimate Fighting Championship, a major organization that specializes in the sport, was targeted with three separate antitrust lawsuits in De[ ... ]

Enforcement of the ADA in Maryland

Employers in Maryland are required by federal law to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The law allows employers to offer reasonable accommodations to employees who have a disability. Providing reasonable accommoda[ ... ]