Legal Services

Lusk Law, LLC, is dedicated to meeting all of our clients’ legal needs.

We offer versatility, flexibility and responsiveness to the businesses and individuals that we serve. We form long lasting relationships with our clients and we are proud that we can meet demands as varied as our clientele.

Today’s business owner must be hard-working, savvy, adaptable and forward-thinking. We strive to embody the same qualities in the services that we offer our clients. Seldom are the legal needs of a business or an individual standard or boilerplate. They are different for every company and person, and they require a firm that is pliable and cooperative.

What We Offer

For those that choose Lusk Law for their legal needs, we are able to provide a wide range of services, including:Columbia Small Business Lawyer

Helping Clients

We make our clients’ needs our top priority, fitting meetings to their schedules and providing legal counsel on matters that go beyond their initial business or individual legal needs. For example, if a client wants help starting and growing their business, but eventually needs to initiate or defend against a lawsuit, we can represent them in court. Or if a client comes to us because of a tenant dispute, but then needs help selling their property, we can assist them through the process.

Whether your needs are to plan ahead for the future of your family, build a business from scratch, or seek representation in court, Lusk Law, LLC will be able to assist you. Our firm has a wide range of experience not only in the legal field and courtroom, but also as business owners and landlords. We are happy to be able to draw from our personal experiences to create a unique and specialized approach to helping those we represent.

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