Protect Yourself from Unfair Contracts

Our Maryland Business Lawyers Can Help Protect You Against Unfair Contracts As a business owner, you will enter into a number of contracts -- leases, supplier agreements, employment contracts, and more. A contract legally entered into is supposed to protect all[ ... ]

Understanding a Tenant’s Right of First Refusal

Our Maryland lawyer can help you with the complex issues involving the first right of refusal in a rental agreement in Baltimore City and the City of Takoma Park in Montgomery County. The concept behind the right of first refusal is fairly straightforward: Contractual[ ... ]

Maryland man files class action lawsuit against AOL

A Maryland man who is representing himself has filed a class action lawsuit against AOL, which was formerly known as America Online, for breach of contract. The man claims that AOL customer service representatives misled him abo[ ... ]

HP sued by MicroTech over software transactions

Maryland investors may have heard about a legal dispute that has developed between Hewlett-Packard and Autonomy. HP acquired the British software company in 2011 for approximately $11 billion, but the value of the company has su[ ... ]

Damages available after a breach of contract in Maryland

When one party fails to live up to the terms of a contract, that party is said to have breached the contract. When a contract is breached, the non-breaching party has several remedies at its disposal. One option is to cancel the[ ... ]

Elements of a Valid Contract

Contract terms and validity for Maryland residents Maryland residents should be aware of the elements of a valid contract. From business owners to the average citizen, contracts are used by people in numerous aspects of professional and financial life. Few people und[ ... ]

Using a notary to avoid potential contract disputes

Business owners in Maryland will likely be involved in some sort of contract dispute at one time or another. While some of these disputes may be complex in nature and difficult to anticipate, others could be avoided by taking a[ ... ]

Waiver of remedy for a breach of contract

Maryland business owners might be interested to learn about special circumstances when a breach of contract does not require a remedy. In general, a party who was involved in a contract that was breached by another party would b[ ... ]

Rising use of non-compete contracts sparks controversy

Well drafted employment contracts are critical for many employers in the Columbia area. Successful companies often recognize that because employment is at-will under Maryland law, it is important to draw some contractual paramet[ ... ]