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Dealing with workplace harassment and discrimination

Maryland employers that are designing policies around harassment and discrimination may wish to inform employees about the best way to report such behavior. For example, employees should know that it is crucial to document any h[ ... ]

Taking a company public with an IPO

Many Maryland entrepreneurs hope to grow their businesses to the point where going public becomes a realistic option. Becoming a publicly traded company has many advantages, but putting together an initial public offering can be[ ... ]

Incorporating a business in Maryland

If someone is considering starting a business, they may choose to form a corporation. This is actually a fairly simple process, most of which hinges on filling out and submitting articles of incorporation with the state and paying a processing fee, which ranges from $100 to $8[ ... ]

Independent business versus franchise decisions

Maryland residents who wish to start a business may want to look at two models: independent and franchise. Either type of ownership model of business can succeed. There are factors associated with the decision to buy either one,[ ... ]

Airline industry wary of merger between Expedia and Orbitz

Maryland travelers may appreciate the implications of a merger between online travel businesses Expedia and Orbitz. Expedia has agreed to pay in excess of $1 billion to acquire its competitor, which is expected to strengthen[ ... ]

The options that employees have when their rights are violated

There are several laws in place to protect the civil rights of employees. For example, workers cannot be overlooked for promotion because of their gender, race or religion. When the protected rights of Maryland workers are viola[ ... ]

Elements of a Valid Contract

Contract terms and validity for Maryland residents Maryland residents should be aware of the elements of a valid contract. From business owners to the average citizen, contracts are used by people in numerous aspects of professional and financial life. Few people und[ ... ]

UFC faces antitrust lawsuits

Residents of Maryland who enjoy mixed martial arts may be interested to learn that the Ultimate Fighting Championship, a major organization that specializes in the sport, was targeted with three separate antitrust lawsuits in De[ ... ]

Legal options for dealing with an uncooperative business partner

Columbia business owners may be interested in some options available to deal with a partner that is not cooperating. Avoiding a deadlock can be accomplished in a few ways, depending on the circumstances. Many small businesses are owned by a small number of people. This can[ ... ]

Effective human resources policies for businesses in Maryland

If you own or manage a business in Maryland, you likely believe that a proactive approach may anticipate potential areas of conflict and could avoid protracted and costly litigation. Disputes cause by the actions of employees or disagreements with former employees are often pa[ ... ]