Maryland Trial & Appellate Litigation Attorneys

In life, we have to expect the unexpected.

It’s for this reason that we offer our clients representation in all matters concerning litigation. No matter what our clients might encounter, we will be there to take care of their legal needs. As many entrepreneurs can tell you, litigation attorneys are useful for a variety of reasons, some of which can stem from and be intertwined with their business lives.

The Maryland litigation attorneys at Lusk Law, LLC, provide a wide range of services so you can rest assured that your needs will be covered whatever conflict you might face. Our firm is adaptable and responsive based on your immediate needs, whether they be business, personal or family related.

How We Can Help Our Clients

Business Litigation. In the course of running a business, any number of disputes can arise unexpectedly. Whether it’s contract disputes, breaches, collection, or specific performance litigation, our experienced attorneys will be able to assist your business in all matters of litigation.

Litigation. As any property owner knows all too well, disputes over real estate are a common occurrence, from disputes regarding the sale or purchase or property to landlord and tenant litigation. Lusk Law can help you in even the most complex of these issues, including claims of breach of contract, failure to disclose, violation of consumer protection act, failure to have a rental license, habitability of property, breach of quiet enjoyment, tenant holding over, and wrongful detainer. [See Also: Landlord Tenant Law]

Personal Litigation Needs. If you have any issues that arise in your personal life that require the services or counsel of an attorney, we will be able to offer you a wide range of services. For example, should a family dispute arise that is not related to your business, we will be available to help you. If a loved one encounters legal issues, we can provide them with representation. If you have a contract dispute with a business or other vendor, we can assist.

Animal Law. Our attorneys are also experienced in animal-related litigation, ranging from ownership disputes, business disputes, wrongful animal killing or injury, to animal abuse cases. Equine and animal law requires a very specialized knowledge and skill set, and we are proud to be able to offer our clients services in these areas.

Scope and Parameters of Animal Seizures by Private Entities under Maryland Code, Criminal Law Article Section 10-615

In January 2017, Attorney Rebekah Lusk, argued Rohrer v. Humane Society of Washington County, in front of the Maryland Court of Appeals. A decision was issued in June 2017. Rohrer v. Humane Society of Washington County, No. 32, September Term, 2016, is the first case in Maryland to interpret Maryland Code, Criminal Article, §10-615, which provides authority to “an officer, the humane society or public official” to seize and remove an animal to protect the animal from cruelty or if necessary for the health of the animal.

Appellate Litigation. Litigation does not solely occur at the Trial Level, as appeals can be a critical component of many cases. Our attorneys are experienced handling cases from inception through the appeal process and have represented clients at all levels of the Maryland appellate courts.

Our attorneys handle matters at all levels of Maryland state court – district, circuit, and appellate and matters in the Federal Courts of Maryland and the District of Columbia, and are barred in the 4th and 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

videoOn January 6, 2017, Rebekah Lusk presented oral arguments to the Maryland Court of Appeals in a case involving questions related to the removal and impoundment of animals from a farm in Washington County.

When our clients call us, they know that they can count on us to provide legal representation. Forming a relationship with Lusk Law, LLC means that you have a place to turn for assistance, whatever your legal needs might be. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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