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For property owners, the decision to become a landlord is a common one. It is a practical way to earn income and put your property to good use.

Yet, there are many considerations that future landlords must make before diving headfirst into turning a property into a rental. Likewise, for businesses and individuals who want to rent a property instead of purchasing, these considerations are equally important. If you are considering becoming a landlord or reshaping your current property management strategy, or if you are facing legal issues with your tenants or landlord, we can provide you with skilled, experienced counsel to develop and execute a plan that fits your best interests.

At Lusk Law, LLC, Maryland Landlord Tenant Law attorney Rebekah Lusk who leads our Landlord/Tenant practice is also a landlord, so our knowledge comes not just from our legal backgrounds, but also from first-hand experience. We have helped many landlord and tenant clients in both commercial and residential legal matters.

Having an attorney that understands the challenges specific to being a landlord is an invaluable asset. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to protect a landlord from the possibility of litigation. The language used in drafting leases, for example, can prove to be instrumental in the protection of your property and your assets. Through smart planning, you can limit the number of disputes that can arise in your dealings with tenants.

If litigation does become an issue for landlords, Lusk Law, LLC can assist you throughout all aspects of a dispute, from contract breaches to collection issues to claims of violation of county or state laws.

Lusk Law, LLC handles cases in landlord tenant court, district court, and circuit court including cases related to failure to pay rent, wrongful detainer, tenant holding over, and violation of consumer protection act. Our firms extensive experience with handling landlord tenant matters in court, means that you will have experienced and knowledgeable counsel assist you with resolving your matter.

Lusk Law, LLC also puts our experience to use for clients who rent property commercially or residentially. Many of our clients turn to us for help regarding the leases they are considering for their company or themselves personally. Having a skilled, experienced attorney familiar with all aspects of rental property, you can be ensured that your best interests are being looked after before you enter an agreement with the property owner. Additionally, if disputes arise with the property owner for failure to make repairs, unsafe conditions, or other disputes regarding the terms of the contract, we can assist you with negotiating the disputes or representing you in court.
Whether you have made the decision to become a landlord, rent property for your business, or even if you are considering what the best course of action might be for your own personal or professional endeavor, consulting our landlord and tenant law attorneys will ensure that you start off on the right footing. We can help you resolve or litigate disputes, depending on your needs and preferences, and make sure that you and your interests are protected.Some of our clients come to us because they need legal representation in landlord or tenant disputes, but many of our existing clients also approach us for counsel regarding issues related to, real estate, leases or rental properties, prior to any disputes arising.

Attorney Rebekah Lusk’s experience as a property owner and landlord can be to your benefit. We are intimately familiar with all stages of landlord/tenant relations and will be able to assist you in any stage of drafting contracts, settling disputes or rent collection issues. Contact our firm to learn more about how we can help you.

Why You Need a Property Attorney

When it comes to property law, the devil is very much in the details. If you’ve ever looked over a contract and felt overwhelmed by the language, you’re not alone. Many property owners, buyers, landlords and renters have run into disputes simply because they either failed to thoroughly review the details of a document or neglected to draft the right language in a contract.

Hiring a skilled property attorney is the best way to ensure your interests are protected. At Lusk Law, LLC, we review and draft all documents to make sure that you know exactly what you’re agreeing to. We keep you in alignment with the law and with the best practices of the industry. Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to property agreements. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Commercial Leases


A commercial lease is a binding agreement that should be mutually beneficial for the tenant and landlord. A lease should also be specific to a property and to the parties involved – there is no “standard,” when it comes to commercial leases, and using a vague, non-specific lease can lead to legal headaches for both landlords and tenants.

There are two types of commercial leases: gross and net. Gross leases include all of the property owner’s costs – insurance, property taxes, and maintenance – in the monthly rent payment. Net leases require the tenants to pay for some or all of those costs. Many commercial leases are hybrid documents that include aspects of both gross and net leases.

What Makes a Good Attorney?

A good attorney is thorough, analytical and assertive. They have a deep understanding of the law and their client’s needs. Skilled attorneys have spent years learning the common pitfalls their clients might encounter, and they use this knowledge to steer their clients clear of unnecessary mistakes.

The best attorneys establish trust with their clients by delivering consistent results. They make it a priority to build relationships based on the quality of work and customer service the firm provides.

How We Can Help

At Lusk Law, LLC, we offer our clients a variety of legal services. We assist clients with property-related legal issues to make sure they are on sound legal footing and their interests are being looked after. And our clients also know that they can come to us for assistance with other legal issues, whether they be business or personal matters.

By providing excellent, dependable legal representation that spans several areas of the law, we have built long-lasting relationships with our clients. We’re proud of our ability to help clients in so many facets of their lives. They know that we’ll respond quickly to their requests and that we’ll deliver exceptional results in a timely manner.

Helping Landlords

We can help our landlord clients through all matters related to their property. Being a landlord can be very difficult, so we make sure that our clients don’t need to worry about being in compliance with Maryland law and that all their contracts are drafted with their business’s best interest in mind.

Landlords come to us with several types of legal issues, from tenant-screening problems to disputes over leases. Rebekah Lusk is also a landlord. She not only helps clients solve these common problems, but she also makes sure that they avoid these pitfalls going forward.

Protecting Landlord Rights

Whether dealing with problematic tenants or complying with regulations, landlords might feel as though they have fewer rights than their tenants. However, it is important to realize that the law can also be on your side. So much of a landlord’s legal options depend on the lease they have with tenants, so it’s vital to properly draft these documents before you rent a property. Regardless of your situation, you should always consider your legal options if you have problems with tenants or the authorities.

At Lusk Law, LLC, we stand up for the rights of our clients. We protect our landlords to make sure that they aren’t taken advantage of by their tenants and that they have every opportunity to meet Maryland’s regulatory standards.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Business

A landlord’s mistakes can be costly for their bottom line, their reputation and the future of their business. By helping our clients avoid these mistakes, we help their businesses succeed. We also understand that overly expensive legal representation presents an entirely new set of challenges that most landlords and business owners must deal with. That’s why we make sure that we don’t burden clients with excessive legal fees.

By helping landlords avoid costly mistakes and charging reasonable fees, we enable them to invest their money where they feel it is best for them and their business. We also build relationships based on trust. Our clients know that we will always look out for their interests and provide them with sound legal advice in many different areas of the law.

If you want to learn more about our services, we encourage you to contact Lusk Law, LLC to speak with us today. We help clients across Maryland with several types of legal matters. Give us a call or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment with our legal team.

Client Review

I was involved in a landlord tenant issue when I was working in Baltimore. After two years, the landlord filed the complaint again after I moved to Denver. I contacted Rebekah, she collected the information readily, and layed out all the options for me. She has been very gracious, patient and professional through out the whole process. Eventually, the case was settled within 3 weeks. Overall, my experience with Thienel & Lusk was fabulous and I highly recommend them. – Hengbo Z.

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