Maryland Business Law Attorneys

In addition to managing their businesses, entrepreneurs must also manage their time.

Running the day-to-day operations of a business, managing employees, providing outstanding customer service – these are just a few of the many things that small business owners do on a daily basis.

Business law attorney Rebekah Lusk and her associates know the challenges that face business owners. We are dedicated to supporting our clients by providing them with the legal services necessary for prosperity. We develop long-lasting client relationships so as to effectively and efficiently address both routine ongoing legal matters and meet long-term goals. From startup to exit, and all points in between, we are here to serve businesses throughout Maryland with comprehensive legal representation for businesses.

Attorneys for Business Startups

You’ve been dreaming about this day, perhaps for years. It’s time to get your small business off the ground. If you’re like a lot of entrepreneurs, your business is born out of passion. And that passion is likely not the intricacies of business regulation and business law.

That’s where we step in.

It’s important for every small business to start off on the right legal footing. If you’re considering starting a business in Maryland, we can help guide you through the process of determining your business structure, entity selection, employee policies, and hiring. The amount of paperwork and legal considerations required to begin a business can seem daunting, especially for those who are balancing all of the many aspects of actually operating a new business venture. You have to register your company, may need licensing and permits, and need a business plan. We will make sure that you and your business are protected and that you can build your organization on solid ground.

Attorneys for Animal Businesses

Many people who decide to open a business dealing with animals do so out of love and a desire to help vulnerable creatures. But operating a business is very different than owning a few pets, and newcomers to the industry may not be aware of the regulations in place and the unique challenges these types of businesses face.

You must not only adhere to laws regarding the care of the animals who are dependent on you for food, shelter, and their overall well-being, but you must be skilled at dealing with people, too.

Maryland small business lawyer Rebekah Lusk understands the intricacies of animal law well — not just as an attorney, but as the proprietor of an animal business herself: a horse farma and boarding facility she runs with her husband. She will help you understand what is required of you and provide sound counsel in case a dispute does arise.

Call (443) 535-9715 to schedule a consultation today.

Attorneys for Landlords

You may think that renting out a home is an easy way to make some cash. But being a landlord is a business like any other, regulated tightly by the law and likely to give you lots of headaches if you fail to do your research. At Lusk Law, we are experienced in landlord-tenant law.

We will help you minimize the possibility of disputes arising by helping you to craft a legally airtight lease that clearly spells out the rights and expectations for you and your future tenants. We will explain your responsibilities as a landlord — keeping the property in good repair, adhering to fair housing laws, and when you can and cannot retain a security deposit, for example.

And if a tenant fails to pay rent or otherwise violates his side of the lease, we will discuss your options with you, including proper eviction protocol.

Whether you are an experienced landlord or are just starting out, contact Rebekah Lusk and her associates. You may reach us online or call (443) 535-9715.

Loans and Credit for Small Businesses

Most entrepreneurs need some financial help to get their business started. As your business grows, you also may need a loan to cover the costs of improvements, expansion, or equipment. Whether you’re planning to start a business or have owned your business for years, there are plenty of state and federal organizations that may be able to offer you a loan with a low interest rate. First, though, make sure you understand your business credit rating.

Business Law Attorney for All Your Needs

Regardless of whether you are a start-up, looking to expand or sell your business, or facing legal challenges, our business lawyers are here to help. We can assess the needs of your organization, provide counsel, and help you with anything that you might need in a timely and responsive manner. In all aspects of business administration, contract negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, employment disputes, and drafting business policies – a business law attorney makes sure you’re covered.

Legal Considerations When Hiring Employees

Many entrepreneurs launch their business as a sole proprietor or a partnership, but when the work becomes too much to handle, they begin hiring employees. If you’ve reached that stage in the business lifecycle where you have made the decision to hire employees, make sure you’re prepared to address the legal requirements for hiring and on-boarding new employees.

This is an exciting time for any business. It means that the little company that you’ve nurtured and managed yourself is thriving and growing. But it also means that you are subject to a whole new set of laws, regulations, and responsibilities. At Lusk Law, LLC, we will take you through everything you need to know about bringing on employees while remaining on solid footing legally. This includes:

  • Employee paperwork like I-9 and W-4 forms
  • Setting up payroll, including advising you on payroll services
  • Maryland reporting requirements
  • Department of Labor regulations, like which informational posters you may be required to display in your workplace
  • Creating an employee handbook — not a legal requirement, but a good idea so that employees know what’s expected of them and to protect you from legal actions down the road.

Of course, even if you do everything you can to protect yourself, employee-employer disputes do arise. You need a small-business lawyer you can trust to fight for you in court. Call Lusk Law, LLC.

Beyond Business

If you’ve spent the better part of a lifetime building up a successful business, you don’t want to leave to chance what happens to it upon your retirement or death. America is built on family businesses, which account for half of the gross domestic product and provide about 60 percent of the nation’s jobs. Yet far too many small-business owners don’t create a plan for the continuation of their company, because they don’t think it’s necessary, they don’t know when to do it, they think they don’t have time, and for a host of other reasons. But drafting a detailed succession plan is vitally important to prevent disputes from arising in your family and to give your business the best chance for a successful future when you’re no longer at the helm.

Maryland Small Business Lawyer — and More

One quality that sets Lusk Law, LLC apart is our ability to respond to many of the legal needs of our clients. In addition to business-related legal representation, we provide our clients assistance with real estate sales and acquisitions, litigation, family law issues, and estate planning, to name just a few. Our clients can count on us to be more than just their business attorney.

As business owners ourselves, we know what it’s like running a company.

Our clients require business law attorneys who can look out for their interests and be available when they most need us. We form relationships with our clients so that they can confidently count on us to provide them with whatever legal support they require. The demands of a small-business owner go well beyond legal documents, and we are here to help you meet all of those demands.

Contact Small Business Lawyer Rebekah Lusk

Lusk Law will be able to provide flexibility, meeting with you at times that best suit your schedule. Business owners need adaptable and responsive service from their attorneys, which is why we make it our top priority to conform to your busy schedule. At Lusk Law, LLC, there is no such thing as a boilerplate approach to clients. We provide service offerings to meet the individual needs of each client. Contact the Maryland business law attorneys at Lusk Law, LLC to gain a long-term ally for your business. Call (443) 535-9715.

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