Most Common Types of Business Contracts

What type of business contracts you’ll need depends on your business’s nature, size, and complexity. Contracts are a way to protect your interests. They also clarify what each party is obligated to do and their rights. You may not think a contract is needed un[ ... ]

Sole Proprietorship vs. an LLC in Maryland

Whether you’re starting a business or thinking about changing the legal entity owning it, you may want to know the costs and benefits of a sole proprietorship vs. an LLC in Maryland. Is it better to have an LLC or a sole proprietorship? That depends on your priorities. Th[ ... ]

Step-by-Step Guide to Business Formation

You have a spectacular idea for a business, but for it to be successful, you want to set everything up correctly right from the start. Before you plunge into running the operations, it makes sense to get assistance of an experienced[ ... ]

New Insight for Women Entrepreneurs

If you’re a woman thinking of starting your own business, you’re not alone. According to SCORE, a national nonprofit dedicated to helping small businesses, women-owned businesses currently make up 39 percent of the 28 million small businesses in the United States. And, SCO[ ... ]

How to make an effective strategic business plan

Most business owners in Maryland understand that strategic business planning is key to a company's success. However, understanding its importance and actually executing a strategic business plan are two different things. When a[ ... ]

Handling cash flow issues as a small business

Many small business owners struggle with cash flow issues. This can be a problem because a company might generate a good deal of business but be waiting on payment for its goods or services. In the meantime, bills come due and t[ ... ]

Small business disaster recovery plans

Small business owners in Maryland may want to consider developing a disaster recovery plan in case of an emergency. For a small company, the loss of productivity that could result from a broken server, a severed relationship wit[ ... ]

How to start a business plan

Many new business owners have trouble knowing how to write or even start writing a business plan for their new venture. Some then decide to just dive in without a plan. Business plans help owners and others to understand the dir[ ... ]

Appropriate succession planning without violating the ADEA

Succession planning is an important part of the continued success of Maryland businesses. Planning how knowledge will be transferred when people leave the company is a vital part of such a plan, because a good plan can help mini[ ... ]

Analysis methods for writing an organized business plan

Many prospective Maryland entrepreneurs take a rather haphazard approach to writing their business plans, often to their detriment. Using analysis tools can help business owners write better plans that are more likely able to pr[ ... ]