SAS Sport Horses

horse1Lusk Law, LLC, provides legal guidance for a wide range of business clients, among them, people involved in equestrian enterprises. Attorney Rebekah Damen Lusk is attuned to the business concerns of people who raise, train, and board horses, because she owns a horse boarding facility. One of her clients – SAS Sport Horses – is the subject of this month’s Client Spotlight feature. horse2Shera Solomon, owner of SAS Sport Horses, is an accomplished competitor in equestrian events. She won first place in Training Level at the 2015 Col. Bengt Ljungquist Memorial Championships and has won Rider Performance Awards for Second, First, and Training Level from both the Potomac Valley Dressage Association and the United States Dressage Federation. horse3At her facilities in the rural Montgomery County communities of Boyds and Dickerson, she focuses on dressage and eventing training, with an emphasis on establishing a strong bond between horse and rider. Her clients come to her with other training needs, too, and she occasionally travels to other locations – including client farms – to deliver the personalized training clients need. sas-horse-ridingSolomon founded SAS Sport Horses in 2009, initially retraining off-the-track thoroughbreds. The business gradually expanded to train all types of horses for skilled competition. She has worked with horses that have no training background, as well as horses that are learning advanced-level skills. Solomon has worked with some of the most widely recognized names in the equestrian community, including Boyd and Silva Martin, William Micklem, and Linda Zang. She also clinics with Julio Mendoza, of North Carolina-based Mendoza Dressage, and Olympic competitor Stephen S. Bradley. SAS Sport Horses began working with Lusk Law, LLC in 2016.
“Rebekah took immediate interest in my needs,” Solomon said. “Her intimate understanding of the equestrian world makes her perfect for equine legal needs.”