Many in Maryland know that child support can be an extremely complex and demanding ordeal for both parents involved. The parent raising the child alone often has to struggle to provide adequate food and clothing for their child, and the parent sending payments must sometimes worry about not having enough income to afford payments. One divorced mother has been forced to experience some of these issues first hand when her husband failed to make child support payments for nearly 20 years.

Authorities say that the woman’s ex-husband, a 54-year-old man, had around $90,000 in unpaid child support payments in 2011. After the county and the state seemed incapable of collecting from the man, his case was transferred to a federal level. The man eventually pleaded guilty for his failing to pay child support, and a court date is currently being determined.

The report did not mention if the mother had remarried or been financially stable during the time that her ex-husband failed to send payments. Additionally, no reasoning was provided for the man’s refusal or inability to make the payments. Regardless, this situation shows just how tricky dealing with child support can become in the long run.

An order for an ex-spouse to pay child support is in no way helpful for the child if the parent is unable or refusing to pay it. No insight was provided into any hardships or opinions that the mother may have experienced as a result of the man’s failing to pay, but it is likely that never receiving her payments made raising their child more difficult. For this reason, any Maryland residents currently considering a child support order may want to consider reviewing any possible options that will act to ensure the likelihood of a payment plan being consistently followed.

Source: The Sentinel, “Court: Man owed more than $90,000 in child support,” June 25, 2013

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