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Changes to Maryland Landlord/Tenant Law Announced

Maryland has announced significant changes to the state’s Landlord/Tenant law, and all landlords need to become familiar with these modifications.  As of October 1, 2021, changes will be implemented that impact the Landlord Tenant eviction process and t[ ... ]

How to Establish a Corporate Veil

How to establish a corporate veil is an essential issue if you own a business, by yourself or with others. If you own your business as a sole proprietor or partnership, you could be held personally liable for your company’s actions. If it is done correctly and the entity[ ... ]

What to Know Before Hiring a Contractor

What to know before hiring a contractor can be the difference between conducting business as usual or finding yourself in legal trouble. Contractors have rarely been more numerous or available than they are right now. In addition to traditional contractors, you can hire som[ ... ]

A Comprehensive FAQ on How to Hire a 1099 Contractor

If you have a short-term need for extra staffing, you may need to engage a contractor, but before you do, it’s important to understand how to hire a 1099 contractor. Be sure you know all of the legal elements of the hire before you proceed. For many decades, emp[ ... ]

Proposed Changes to Maryland Eviction Rules

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, changes to Maryland eviction rules have been proposed. Citing the worsening housing situation due to the virus, state lawmakers and rental housing advocates recently unveiled the “2021 Housing Justice Package.” The package includes se[ ... ]

What Should Be Included in a Severance Package?

What should be included in a severance package depends on the person leaving the company and what the employer wants to accomplish. Severance packages and agreements are good ideas for employers ending a relationship with an employee. They provide some certainty for an empl[ ... ]

Step-by-Step Guide to Business Formation

You have a spectacular idea for a business, but for it to be successful, you want to set everything up correctly right from the start. Before you plunge into running the operations, it makes sense to get assistance of an experienced[ ... ]

How to Resolve a Lease Dispute

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, a lease dispute can be stressful, disruptive and a source of unnecessary expense and hassle. Fortunately, for those faced with determining how to resolve a lease dispute, you don’t have to deal with it alone. Maryland la[ ... ]

Understanding the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act

The Maryland Healthy Working Families Act Provides Benefits When You or Family Members Get Sick On Jan. 12, 2018, Maryland became the ninth state to adopt a mandatory sick leave statute, when the Maryland General Assembly overrode Governor Larry Hogan’s veto o[ ... ]

How to Classify an Independent Contractor vs. an Employee

When your business grows to the point where you need to have people doing work for you, you are faced with making an important decision. Are these workers employees or are they independent contractors? How these workers are classified makes a big difference. Busin[ ... ]