Coping with legal separation or divorce

We all have our coping mechanisms for difficult times. Sometimes those means of dealing with our troubles are rooted in beneficial behaviors and sometimes they are not.

For one Maryland lawmaker, his means of coping with the difficulties of his divorce lead to an increase in excessive drinking and a boating accident that injured several people. Delegate Dwyer says that his drinking began to increase toward the end of last year’s General Assembly session when his wife and he separated and then legislation he had long worked on failed due to what he feels was a betrayal by his colleagues.

While one perceived betrayal would be enough to make many seek solace in a bottle, it appears that the double whammy of the divorce and failed legislation took its toll on the lawmaker. Delegate Dwyer claims that he has since gotten treatment and no longer drinks.

While going through a divorce or legal separation can be hard, it is never a good idea to seek comfort and escape from the situation in the form of substance abuse. There are resources out there to help you cope with the situation at hand and people that will come alongside you as you try to recover from your relational woes.

One of those resources can be a trustworthy family law attorney. An attorney that you can trust to come alongside you and be a zealous advocate for you throughout the process can help alleviate much stress and discomfort. Their skills and knowledge will help in guiding you through the legal process of the divorce or legal separation and provide peace of mind that your rights and interests are being cared for diligently. Please reach out to an attorney should you find yourself experiencing family turmoil that is headed towards legal separation or divorce.

Source:, “Md. Lawmaker says drinking increased after divorce,” Jan. 12, 2013

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