Small Business Saturday is Nov. 26

American Express rolled out Small Business Saturday in November 2010, in an effort to get more people to shop at small, locally owned businesses. With each passing year, the event has drawn more shoppers to local businesses, and in 2015, 95 million people patronized small businesses on Small Business Saturday. This year, Small Business Saturday is Nov. 26. If you own a small business and haven’t started gearing up for this event, now’s the time to do so.

Promote Your Business

You don’t have to register to participate in Small Business Saturday, but if you do register through the American Express website, shoppers may be able to more easily find your business. When you register, you also get access to online templates for designing promotional materials, so you can create your own signage for free and download the files to print. Give customers a reason to shop at your business on Nov. 26. Promote special offers via your website, social media, or newsletter. Consider “refer-a-friend” deals, if you want to expand awareness of your business beyond your existing customer base.

Prepare for Crowds

If you own a restaurant, you may need to order additional supplies in advance of Nov. 26, to ensure you don’t run out of popular items. And in any retail business, you may need extra staff on hand to ensure you can deliver the best customer service. Small boutiques may want to make some adjustments to improve traffic flow, or move fragile and higher-priced objects into safer locations.

Collaborate with Other Businesses

Small Business Saturday presents an opportunity for businesses to cross-promote and work together. As an example, one business could offer a discount to customers who present a receipt from a neighboring business. Talk to other nearby entrepreneurs to brainstorm some mutually beneficial promotions.

Keep up with Related News

Follow Small Business Saturday on Facebook, and keep an eye out for any news relevant to your business from the Maryland Retailers Association, the U.S. Small Business Association, or other groups.

Document the Day

On Small Business Saturday, take pictures and share them on social media. Use Twitter to update your audience about any items that are in demand and may be out of stock soon. Owners don’t necessarily need to be present on Small Business Saturday, but it’s a good idea to introduce yourself to customers and thank them for their business. Create a lasting impression that will keep customers coming back.

Shop Small Businesses Yourself

According to the SBA, for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 stays in the community – and that’s a good reason to shop locally. Small business owners benefit when their communities are economically healthy. Plus, when you shop locally, you can increase your standing as a business owner that’s invested in the community, and reputation goes a long way in business networking. Lusk Law, LLC, specializes in assisting small business owners, helping to avoid litigation when possible, and we’re ready to actively represent our clients in court when litigation is necessary. As a small firm, we understand the challenges many small businesses encounter. Entrepreneurs in Frederick County, Howard County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Carroll County, Washington County, and Anne Arundel County, and other counties in Maryland, depend on us for trusted legal advice. If you have legal needs for your small business, please call us at 443-535-9715 or fill out our contact form if you have any questions about this topic.