Client Spotlight: Sassy Suburban

Lusk Law, LLC, serves a vast range of business clients. Each month, we highlight one of the communities promising businesses in our Client Spotlight. This month, we’re focusing our attention on rising star design business Sassy Suburban.

An up-and-coming interior design business, Sassy Suburban is based in Eldersburg, Maryland. The small business offers a variety of interior design services, all intended to help clients feel comfortable in the spaces they inhabit every day. Sassy Suburban owner and designer Kat Hajduk earned her FIDM Design Degree in Product Development and initially pursued a career in fashion design. After several years in the fashion industry, she shifted her focus to interior design. She strengthened her interior design knowledge through her extensive work in real estate and construction. Her pursuit of an interior design career was also influenced by her reupholstering hobby. Primarily, she was inspired by her newly-discovered passion for working with people and helping them transform their personal spaces.

As she continued to receive requests for assistance from her friends and family members, Hajduk decided to build a full-fledged interior design business. Even before she released her formal business announcement earlier this month, she was already receiving numerous appointments.

Hajduk’s primary mission is to put smiles on the faces of her friends, family members, and other clients. She hopes that the spaces she designs will lead to cherished memories, or, at minimum, make the daily grind a little more bearable. She accomplishes her loftiest goals by working closely with her clients to ensure that the end product closely matches their vision. Often, this means close collaboration through every phase of the design process. She offers a range of services to help clients meet their design goals. These include everything from simple room refreshes to full-service design planning.

While Hajduk wants to work with a broad range of clients, her ideal client will understand the role of open communication in the design process. The best clients bring a positive, fun-loving vibe to every consultation. Although she’s willing to assist with DIY-oriented projects, she hopes that her clients will desire help with improving their personal spaces.

Hajduk of Sassy Suburban began working with Lusk Law, LLC in January 2018. The interior design company’s relationship goes back to 2017, when Hajduk met Rebekah Lusk at the Identity Crisis Fundraiser. This encounter left a positive impression on Hajduk, who was especially charmed by Lusk’s philanthropic nature. She also appreciated Lusk’s extensive experience as a property owner. Lusk offered to assist with the legal intricacies of building her business — and Hajduk was all too happy to accept. She assumed that, given Lusk’s background, she would be the perfect legal advocate.

We’re thrilled that Kat Hajduk of Sassy Suburban has enjoyed such a positive experience with Lusk Law, LLC. To learn more about this promising interior design business, visit the Sassy Suburban website — and check out Hajduk’s awe-inspiring portfolio.

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