Moore Hebert Dressage

At Lusk Law, LLC, we know that our success depends on our ability to provide the best representation for our clients, both with the day-to-day legal issues that small business owners face and with litigation, when necessary. We value our professional relationships with our clients, and to show our appreciation, we developed our Client Spotlight e-blasts, a monthly feature about one of our long-standing clients. For this month’s entry, we have chosen Moore Hebert Dressage, LLC. Moore Hebert Dressage, LLC, is a horse training business that teaches adult amateurs dressage, a type of riding and training that develops a horse’s obedience, flexibility, and balance, and aims to achieve harmony and effortless communication between horse and rider. Owner and head trainer Hilary Moore Hebert has more than 25 years of experience riding and training, and currently competes to FEI, which is the highest level of the Olympic sport.  After years being a visiting trainer at other farms and senior editor of Dressage Today magazine, in 2011 Hilary decided to open her own training facility. She and her husband purchased 30 acres of land in Germantown, Maryland and renovated a decaying dairy barn to create horse stalls and a large indoor riding area, renaming the property Alsikkan Farm, the official site of Moore Hebert Dressage. The business has grown consistently since 2011. The renovated barn initially had only 10 stalls, but now, Alsikkan Farm is completing the expansion of an additional 12 stalls. The farm is home to 16 dressage horses in training with Hilary and her staff and is continuing to grow and expand its client base of serious dressage equestrians with a passion for learning. Moore Hebert Dressage has unique legal needs, and Hilary found that Lusk Law, LLC, attorney Rebekah Lusk’s experience running her own farm made her the ideal attorney to work with. “It would be impossible to have a lawyer unfamiliar with the horse world understand my questions and advise me properly,” Hilary said. Due to the nature of her work – boarding horses, participating in competition, hosting clinics, and training students – Hilary needs custom-crafted legal documents that protect her business from risk, and she relies on Lusk Law, LLC, to handle that important job. When she’s not teaching, training, or competing, Hilary enjoys spending time with her husband, her 10-month old son, and participating in charitable events. She’s also a journalist and graphic designer, and she contributes to equestrian publications and donates her design skills to develop materials for therapeutic riding programs and non-profit entities.