Meet Clover

Hello! I’m Clover, new office mascot at Lusk Law, LLC. I was adopted by the firm’s paralegal, Anne, in April of this year from Happy Hounds Homeward Bound, and I am one happy hound!

You’ve probably heard of feisty pets, but you may not have heard of my breed: I’m a Feist dog.  The history of Feists in America goes back hundreds of years to when the first English terriers were bred with Native American dogs in the southern U.S.  George Washington mentions a “small foist looking yellow cur” dog in a 1770 letter, and Abraham Lincoln mentions a “fice” dog in his poem “The Bear Hunt.” In fact, Feists are still used as hunting dogs, and we like to chase squirrels.

I’m not going to get very big, probably won’t weigh more than 25 pounds. I’m pretty calm and spend most of my days sleeping under my mom’s desk on a pillow, rolling my ball around the office and getting to take walks around the City Hall.  I love everyone, young and old, and love to meet new people.  I don’t bark, either, except when I’m trying to get your attention to see if you will share your lunch with me — it’s hard to catch squirrels in the city.

If you are interested in meeting me and having a walking tour of historic downtown Frederick you can find me at History on 4 Paws on Facebook. Small and large groups welcome. Kid friendly and well-behaved dogs are encouraged to join as well.