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Many types of cases go through the District Court in Maryland. While there are limitations in District Court, cases are typically resolved much faster.

At Lusk Law, LLC, we have years of experience in handling cases in Maryland District Court. Our team helps clients with several different types of cases, and many of the people we represent have come to us with one specific legal need only to end up working with us to handle other issues they have faced. Many of the cases we handle in District Court are landlord-tenant and breach-of-contract cases.

Whether you are a landlord involved in a dispute with a tenant or a business owner concerned about a breach of contract, we encourage you to contact the Maryland District Court attorneys at Lusk Law, LLC to schedule a meeting with our team.

Types of Cases in District Court

While we regularly handle landlord-tenant, breach-of-contract, and replevin cases, District Court also deals with many other types of civil and criminal cases. Maryland’s District Court has exclusive jurisdiction for all landlord/tenant matters, claims of $5,000 or less, replevin/detinue actions, and concurrent jurisdiction with the Circuit Courts in claims for amounts over $5,000 but less than $30,000. Some criminal cases can also be dealt with in District Court.

Landlord-tenant cases often involve a dispute between the renter and owner of a property. Some of the disputes are over leases or conditions in the property. Others involve failure to pay rent, wrongful detainer, tenant holding over and violation of consumer protection acts.

Breaches of contract are also dealt with in District Court. Business owners might need to enforce a contract against a customer or vendor. A breach of lease might arise when a landlord alleges a tenant has failed to meet the terms of a rental contract.

Replevin/Detinue cases involve a claim that someone else is in possession of your property and you want the property returned or the value of the property.

What Sets District Court Apart from Other Courts?

From the perspective of an attorney and client, cases in District Court are typically more limited, at least in certain respects, than cases in other Courts. For example, these cases usually take less time to litigate and don’t involve extensive discovery, such as depositions. They are also limited in the sense that the amounts at dispute don’t exceed $30,000. Cases in District Court are brought before a judge and there are no juries. Because of these factors, District Court cases tend to be less complex and are usually resolved quicker than those in other courts.

Cases in District Court that are over $5,000, still do permit discovery, a process dealing with fact-finding. However, the discovery is limited to only 15 interrogatories and does not include depositions and extensive discovery.

What You Need to Know About Appearing in District Court

You might have an image in your mind about what court is like, but the chances are good that your experience will be much less grand and intimidating than what you’ve seen on television. This is particularly true in District Court. The people working in District Court, from the judges to the attorneys, are experienced and they see the process as a routine way to resolve common legal issues.

In other words, don’t feel intimidated by the prospect of going to District Court. As is always the case when you go to court, arrive early, be respectful and dress appropriately. If there’s anything specific regarding your case that you need to know, our team will make sure you’re prepared to deal with whatever might come your way.

Let Lusk Law, LLC Help

You might not be sure how your case should be resolved, or even where to begin finding answers to a legal issue. At Lusk Law, LLC, we help clients with many different types of cases. Some of our clients are landlords. Others are business owners. Many come to us with estate planning needs.

Clients rely on us for our versatility and our ability to tackle pressing legal needs. You should not be required to have a deep understanding of Maryland’s court system to explore your legal options. Let us help you understand your options and chart a path to resolve any issues you are facing.

Contact Your Advocates for Life’s Obstacles and Opportunities

The Maryland District Court attorneys at Lusk Law, LLC are proud of the many ways we can help our clients navigate challenges and opportunities in their personal and professional lives. Attorneys Rebekah Lusk and Steven Bright not only have experience handling civil litigation, business law, employment, landlord-tenant, real estate, family, equine, and animal law cases, but they are also business owners and landlords, so they have a unique understanding of the circumstances their clients are facing.

If you have a legal matter set for District Court, don’t hesitate to contact our firm to schedule a meeting. We help our clients find solutions to their problems. Call us today to get started.

Attorney Rebekah Damen Lusk

Rebekah Damen Lusk is the Founder and Managing Member of Lusk Law, LLC. Rebekah brings personal experiences as a small business owner, real estate investor, landlord, and farm owner to the task of practicing law and working with clients. Her practice areas include general civil litigation, business, employment, landlord/tenant, real estate, and equine/animal law. [ Attorney Bio ]