Lusk Law Client Spotlight: 22 Karrots Health & Wellness Bar

Lauren Cross - 22 KarrotsAt Lusk Law, LLC, we’re incredibly proud of the relationships we build with clients. We’ve had the pleasure of working with many business owners who are inspiring and forward-thinking individuals. One of our clients, Lauren Cross, recently launched a new business venture called 22 Karrots Health & Wellness Bar. Lauren is a juice junkie, health enthusiast and the perfect ambassador for the health-conscious and delicious offerings she’s serving to patrons in Frederick, Maryland. Lauren was kind enough to share with us her story and her business goals.

Tell us about yourself and your business. 

My name is Lauren, drawing from my roots in the Frederick community and my 10 years of business, project management, and accounting experience. My position at a leading accounting firm in Bethesda, MD, has propelled me to master critical skills, including the management of customers, vendors, and business partners, multitasking, resolving discrepancies and complaints, and much more that will greatly benefit the company as it begins operations.
Fun Fact: In my spare time, I enjoy healthy cooking, cross-fit training and traveling.
The company’s objective in “22 Karrots Health & Wellness Bar” is to specifically reach health-conscious customers seeking a community based around wellness and health. The company will develop a brand that communicates its core value of enabling customers to live healthy, happy lives through holistic wellness. A cohesive brand identity will transmit a clear message of these values to the customers.

When did you start the business, and are there any specific achievements or accomplishments you are proud of?

I started the business in April of 2018. I am a self-proclaimed “juice junkie” who discovered the amazing benefits of juicing a few years ago by utilizing it as a preventive health resource. Further, upon traveling to the Virginia Beach and Norfolk area I was able to discover and connect with influential entrepreneurs who already have a network and community in place that was very much empowering and inspiring. That fueled me to bring that same energy to Frederick, MD.

What is the mission/purpose of your business?

22 Karrots intends to cater to a community that is presently underserviced, seeking a trusted provider of vegan, organic, soy-free, and gluten-free structure for all its menu items. This includes healthy juices, smoothies, smoothie bowls, and juice cleanse kits as well as a space that encourages health, wellness, and strives to build a community of support and friendship for like-minded neighbors. The company will feature a wide and constantly growing variety of products for customers to choose from. Emphasis will be placed on the freshness and organic nature of ingredients.

Who is your ideal client/customer and why?

The ideal clients are Millennials aged 18-34. They find organic, “free-from” formulations and GMO-claims influential in juice category decisions. Millennials have demonstrated they are more than willing to pay more for quality, as they are one of the most health-conscious generational cohorts. Additionally, a significant percentage of Millennials are reportedly bored with standard fruit and juice flavors, leading many brands to offer increasingly unique flavor blends or customizable options.

How long have you been a client of Lusk Law? 

Since August 2018

What do you enjoy most about working with Lusk Law? 

I enjoy the entire staff — they are very responsive and highly effective. I refer this firm without reservation to any individual seeking legal services.

Please share a specific story or experience regarding how Lusk Law assisted you with a legal problem or any specific testimonial about working with us.

Rebekah has been extremely accessible, and thoroughly responsive, as have others in her firm. She is very knowledgeable and excellent at communicating complex legal concepts in such a way that is easy for a layperson to understand. I have relied on Rebekah’s in-depth knowledge and skill to apply it, and that is why I have remained a client. I decided to leave a previous law firm in VA because of outrageous fees. I explained my dilemma to Rebekah, especially being a new entrepreneur, and she was able to provide a tailored initiative for my needs and provide accurate and efficient billing with no hidden fees. I am truly grateful.

How can people find you online?

Website- COMING SOON! Email- Instagram-@22karrotsliquidgold If you’d like to speak to Lusk Law, LLC about your business’s legal needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out our online contact form. We are our clients’ advocates for life’s obstacles and opportunities.