Rates & Fees


Owner Rebekah D. Lusk $350.00/Hour
Associate Ruhe Yilma $225.00/Hour
Estate Administration $300.00/Hour
Paralegal Louisa Alexander $150.00/Hour
Law Clerks Steven Bright $90/Hour

Fixed Fee Schedule

(not including Court Appearances which are billed hourly)

Landlord Tenant
Preparation and Filing of Failure to Pay Rent $75.00
Preparation and Filing of Tenant Holding Over $50.00
Prepare and Filing of Complaint for Wrongful Detainer $50.00
Preparation and Filing for Warrant of Restitution $50.00
Collection Actions (not including court fees)
Preparation and Filing of Garnishment of Wages $75.00
Preparation and Filing of Garnishment of Bank Accounts $75.00
Preparation and Filing of Garnishment of Other than Wages $75.00
Preparation and Filing of Monthly Judgment Creditor Report $50.00
Resident Lease Preparation $700.00
Real Estate
Deed Preparation and Filing $350.00 plus filing fees
Maryland Single Member LLC Preparation and Filing Fees $454.50
Resident Agent $50.00 Annually
Simple Will Preparation – Individual $1000.00
Simple Will Preparation – Couple $1500.00
Complex Will Preparation & Trusts TBD Based on Scope of Matter
Will & Trust Preparation – Couple $1500.00
Healthcare Proxy & Financial Power of Attorney – Individual $400.00

Fee Schedule for Court Travel

Travel to/from
Anne Arundel County $150.00
Baltimore City $125.00
Baltimore – Towson $125.00
Baltimore – Catonsville $100.00
Baltimore – Essex $125.00
Carroll County $75.00
Frederick County $00.00
Howard County $75.00
Montgomery County $75.00
Prince George’s County $200.00
Washington County $50.00

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