Maryland Equine/Animal Law Attorneys

Owners of animal and horse-related businesses know just how unique their jobs and responsibilities can be. Working with animals is completely unlike any other type of business, requiring a specialized skill set that includes managing both people and animals.

In many ways, practicing equine and animal law mirrors the specialized skill set required of animal-related business owners. The language that is used in these types of cases is very specific, and the needs of a client are just as unique as the business they operate. It is for this reason that Lusk Law, LLC, offers legal representation that is very distinct from other law firms. Not only are we intimately familiar with equine and animal law, Rebekah Damen Lusk also runs a horse farm with her husband. Her experience in running a horse-boarding facility and as a dressage and event rider make her uniquely qualified to help clients in matters of equine law.

Equine Law Attorneys

Equine Law Attorneys in MarylandMany legal issues can arise for owners of horses and horse-related businesses. Disputes can stem from conflicts with boarders and boarding facilities, from the sale and transfer of horses, lien disputes, or from injuries that a horse sustains while at a facility or under the care of a third party. These are just a few examples of the many legal issues that are a concern for horse business owners and owners of horses. Attorney Rebekah Damen Lusk has extensive experience working with both business owners and individuals, who have disputes related to horses and aspects of the horse industry. In addition, she assists horse owners and business owners to draft agreements, so that disputes do not arise. Her familiarity and knowledge of horses and equine law results in our clients reaping incredible benefits.

Animal Law Attorneys

Animal-based businesses also face challenges that are very specific to their industry. Veterinarians, pet-walking businesses and obedience trainers, for example, must balance the needs of animals and people and still attend to the operations of their business. These professionals know all too well how easily disputes can arise when animals are involved. From animal care disputes to ownership disputes, we can provide our clients with a specialized approach to legal issues that face animal-related businesses and animal owners.

In addition, we also provide assistance to farmers in
need of legal services.

Our team can help you understand and comply with regulatory and business-related issues facing both your operation and the industry as a whole. Farm-related laws can be very specific and require a familiarity with a specialized set of requirements placed on farmers.

At Lusk Law, LLC, we offer our clients business-related legal services, so we can also offer our animal law clients with assistance with non-animal-related issues that might arise in everyday operations, such as tax services, startup requirements, landlord/tenant matters, and litigation, to name just a few. It’s this flexibility and breadth of experience and knowledge that allows us to form relationships with our clients that goes beyond one particular legal need.

Running a business that works with animals can be an incredibly rewarding yet complex task. The equine and animal law attorneys at Lusk Law, LLC are proud to be able to offer clients first-hand knowledge that can prove invaluable for animal-related business owners. We are also proud to offer our clients a comprehensive legal service that proves useful in all aspects of their lives. Contact us today to learn more about building a relationship with Lusk Law, LLC.

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