Women more likely to file for divorce according to study

Divorce is rarely a process that couples wish to consider upon first getting married. Sometimes though, stress and other irreconcilable differences make such an outcome inevitable. According to a recent study, however, the percentage of women who are remaining single after divorce or separation from their spouse is steadily on the rise.

In the report, researchers noted that there has been a nearly 15 percent increase in the number of women who are currently separated or divorced when compared to those of decades past. Cultural transitions and developments are responsible for some of the changes, researchers say. Women nowadays are much less likely to stay married or remarry after a divorce.

Past studies have also shown that, as a whole, women were much more likely to file for divorce than men. One study claimed that more than 66% of the divorces filed in the United States were initiated by women. Interestingly, studies have additionally shown that women are not the only demographic choosing to end their marriages more often. These findings come in addition to previously mentioned research indicating couples over the age of 50 have also been filing for divorce at a greater rate than ever before.

The major cause for this drastic increase in the amount of divorce, outside of cultural differences, has yet to be commented upon. Regardless, whether male or female, over 50 or under 50, sometimes marriages simply become unhappy and one or both spouses may one day realize that they no longer care for the person they are married to. In such a case, Maryland residents may very well find filing for divorce to be the best option.

Source: Source: Huffington Post, “Divorced Women In America On The Rise, According To New Research,” Bridget Mallon, July 22, 2013

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