Wine entrepreneurs share their business lessons

The biographies of those who have made it to the top of the business world through persistence and hard work are reliable sources of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs in Maryland and around the country, but successful business figures can also provide those thinking of starting a commercial venture of their own with valuable guidance. The lessons learned by the founders of California-based Barefoot Wines were revealed in a June 20 article, and they could help budding entrepreneurs to avoid a number of new business pitfalls.

Business lessons tend to be learned the hard way, and the founders of barefoot Wines say that many entrepreneurs focus so much on the big picture that they fail to take care of more mundane tasks like securing necessary permits or paying attention to minor details. The founders also say that their road to success was unpredictable, and those hoping to follow in their footsteps should develop a more flexible approach.

The wine entrepreneurs also urge new business owners to devote the overwhelming majority of their time to sales and marketing endeavors. This may seem like a frightening prospect to those who have been sheltered from the front lines of the business world, but thinking big, dealing with setbacks and remaining focused on growth is what often separates companies that thrive from those that do not make it past their nascent stages.

Experienced attorneys may help entrepreneurs to focus their energies on growing their businesses by assisting them with legal matters that could develop into serious problems if left unattended. Attorneys could help entrepreneurs to secure the permits and licenses necessary to conduct business legally, and they could also take steps to ensure that their commercial ventures are in compliance with all pertinent federal, state and local regulations.

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