Web strategies for new businesses

Most Maryland residents visit websites like Bing or Google when they want to find out about local businesses, and featuring prominently in search results can be crucial for entrepreneurs. This can be particularly challenging for new businesses that lack a significant web footprint, but there are a number of steps that business owners can take to make their ventures more visible online.

Search engine optimization specialists often charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but many of the most effective web strategies can cost nothing. Search engine algorithms pay particular attention to what is posted on social media, and encouraging customers to share their experiences on business Facebook or Twitter pages can pay significant and rapid dividends. Search engines also like including videos ion their search results, and new business owners could take advantage of this by placing video reviews that they have recorded on their smartphones on sites like YouTube.

Entrepreneurs should also ensure that key information such as their business name, phone number, address and website are correct on major online directories like Citysearch and Yelp. Another free and valuable web strategy is claiming the company’s Google business listing. These listings appear at the top of Google’s local results, and they can be made more attractive with content including videos, photographs and customer reviews. Entrepreneurs should also ensure that their Google listings include details about their operating hours and the products or services on offer.

Popular web platforms are designed to make it easy for individuals to add content, but this can sometimes lead to abuses. Attorneys with experience in this area may monitor what is said about their clients’ companies online, and they could take steps to have false or misleading information removed. An attorney could also conduct regular checks to ensure that a company’s intellectual property is not being used online without permission.

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