Valentine’s Day divorce not uncommon in Maryland

For many couples in Maryland and elsewhere, Valentine’s Day is the holiday when roses and romance take center stage. They celebrate by going dancing together or out for a special dinner at a restaurant that may be a bit of a splurge. For some, however, Valentine’s Day holds a different connotation — it is the day they filed for divorce.

According to officials, some people use the fact that it is Valentine’s Day to make a special point about their marriage. They choose the day that is supposed to be the most romantic to mark the end of a relationship that they no longer see as such. It is a conscious decision meant to send a message that the romance, at least in this particular instance, is over.

Valentine’s Day is historically a holiday when a large number of people propose and set a date for their wedding. In fact, nearly 10 percent of engagements can mark their beginning on that day. For some of the people for whom that is true, there is a certain ironic appeal to ending their marriage on the anniversary of the day they decided it would happen. Again, they are trying to make a point about how they now feel about their relationship.

Now that Valentine’s Day is over for another year, some married couples in Maryland may be able to remember fondly the special occasion they shared. Others may have memories of a different sort. For them, filing for divorce may be the best option — regardless of what day or holiday on which it occurs. If the couple involved can put aside their emotions and focus on reaching a fair, legally-binding resolution, it could help them move forward and allow them to better enjoy all the holidays to come.

Source:, Valentine’s Day is not just for love, but for divorce, Ken Wayne, Feb. 16, 2014

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