The Space Between Psychotherapy, LLC

Space Between LogoLusk Law, LLC is proud to offer legal guidance to compassionate and socially responsible organizations. Our Client Spotlight regularly features these businesses. Our selection for this month’s spotlight is The Space Between Psychotherapy, LLC.

Launched in 2014, this quality private practice delivers care for people facing a range of challenges and goals. The team at The Space Between offers mental health care and counseling services. This incredible business provides services that are all about healing, progress and moving forward.

Here are a few of the things that The Space Between offers the community…

Counseling for couples and partnerships – The Space Between recognizes the ever-changing needs of growing cycles–sometimes negative and sometimes positive–in personal and professional relationships. The team strives to facilitate the positive growth in all their clients’ relationships.

Recovery from trauma, depression and anxiety – We all face challenges in life. So many of our struggles are internal ones, though they often stem from trauma or hardships we’ve experienced. The Space Between helps clients recover from struggles to forge a happier, healthier life.

Workplace conflict – While workplaces are intended to be places of unity and collaboration, they can also be fraught with conflict and isolation. The Space Between believes that misunderstanding and miscommunication are at the root of most conflicts, and they help businesses to improve morale and communication in the workplace.

Chronic pain – Pain isn’t a purely physical experience. It takes root in ways that affect us mentally and emotionally, ways that linger well beyond the actual pain itself. The Space Between assists clients with chronic pain to help them connect with others, manage the fallout from their pain, and regain control over their lives.

We are so pleased to work with The Space Between, an organization that truly offers services that improve lives and relationships. We’re also honored that they enjoy working with Lusk Law, LLC.

“Finding business associates with vision, ethics, experience and drive similar to that of your own is priceless!” said Nina Dillenbeck, counselor at The Space Between. “Lusk Law, LLC, has been a great find, and I am looking forward to a long, healthy relationship in guidance for our business development.”

We couldn’t agree more! To learn about The Space Between and the services they offer, we suggest you visit the wonderful Space Between website, which was designed by Arachnid Works, Inc.

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