Prioritizing talent recruitment

Investing in the right employees is crucial for the success of any business in Maryland. When a company hires the wrong employees, the results can be wasted time, money and resources. On the other hand, the acquisition of skilled employees can help a company to operate smoothly and realize its goals for future growth.

Because recruiting the right talent is so important, the chief executive officer of a company should also take on the role of chief human resources officer in order to decide what new business projects to invest in as well as how to recruit the top talent to see those projects through. Instead of viewing hiring as an administrative duty, hiring should be seen as a key business strategy.

In a 2014 McKinsey & Company survey, business leaders were asked to rank their top technological strategic priority. Although customer engagement was ranked at the top of the list, the same business leaders admitted that talent acquisition was their biggest challenge. Many companies invest in customer relationship management software to connect with their customer base. These same companies may also benefit from making an investment in similar technology that can be used to recruit employees.

An attorney with experience in business law might provide assistance to a CEO with many different aspects of business planning including talent recruitment. Before new staff is hired, an attorney may also help a company to reduce its liability by developing a thorough guideline for employment policies and procedures. If an employee dispute arises, an attorney may be able to help a company to avoid litigation.

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