When a divorce involves children, it is always essential that Maryland courts look out for the best interests of the children. It is for this reason that courts deliberate on what the correct amount of child support should be and what the parental rights should be with regards to custody. It is a delicate balance that the courts sometimes get wrong.

Deion Sanders can rejoice at the fact that in the case of his divorce, the court sought to rectify his initial child support payments. Mr. Sanders and his estranged wife, Pilar Sanders were back in court before the holidays to address child support payments. Pilar took her former husband and NFL star back to court for what she said was roughly $50,000 in unpaid child support payments.

Deion’s initial payments were to be $10,550 per month for the daughter he had with Pilar. He acknowledged that he has consistently paid a monthly support payment of $4,500 as the initial ruling was “outrageous.” The judge in this instance seemed to agree as he reduced Deion’s child support payments to $5,500 per month. It is not known how he addressed the overdue payments that may result from this ruling.

As for child custody, Deion will continue to have temporary custody of his two sons while Pilar has custody of their daughter. The couple is still working through the legal parameters of their divorce, as Pilar has also filed paperwork to invalidate the prenuptial agreement the couple signed in 1998. They are both seeking to have the marriage legally annulled as well. Another child support hearing has been scheduled for Jan. 9, 2013.

If you are going through a divorce and need assistance in fighting for your parental rights, child support payments, or parameters of your prenuptial agreement, please seek out a Maryland family attorney that you can trust. They can help you explore the legal options available to your particular situation.

Source: NBCDFW.com, “Deion Sanders’ Child Support Reduced,” Randy Mcllwain, Dec. 19, 2012

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