A prenuptial agreement before marriage is not a sign of weakness

It is completely understandable for Maryland couples to be hesitant when it comes to thinking about a prenuptial agreement before marriage. After all, the last thing any future newlywed wants to think about is what will happen in the event that the marriage falls apart. Some may even refrain from discussing a prenuptial agreement with their significant other with a fear that such a topic may show a lack of conviction.

It is important to note, however, that these fears can very well lead to costly complications in the event that a divorce does unfortunately take place. One way that may help couples hesitant to bring the topic up is thinking of prenuptial agreements as a will. With an agreement, both people will be able to decide where their properties go, but, without such an agreement, the property will largely be divided based on the government’s decisions through state laws.

Business owners, especially, may be among those that would most benefit from making a prenuptial agreement. An individual that has built a business from the ground up would not want to see it torn apart in the event of a heated divorce with a spouse. Nobody would want to feel powerless with something they have spent years building up at stake.

The point can even be made that the very act of discussing a prenuptial agreement assists with more honest and open financial discussions during the marriage. Ultimately, though, a prenuptial agreement does not come down to whether or not Maryland couples want or fear such a possibility as divorce, just as nobody really wants to consider the idea that they may die unexpectedly. Such an agreement acts as a form of preparation for a worst-case scenario.

Source: Forbes, “Skittish About A Prenup? Like It Or Not, You Already Have One,” Jeff Landers, July 17, 2013

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