Messy celebrity split shows advantages of prenuptial agreements

There is a disconcerting reality in America, and that reality is that nearly half of the marriages that take place in the U.S. will end in divorce. That is why many celebrities and couples with assets and family heirlooms they wish to protect agree to a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage in Maryland.

The latest celebrity divorce where the advantages of a prenuptial agreement can be highlighted is that between former football player and current sportscaster Ahmad Rashad and his soon to be ex-wife, former model Sale Johnson. Sale Johnson is the ex-wife of New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, heir to Johnson & Johnson, and received $100 million in that divorce settlement. Apparently, a prenuptial agreement signed by both Johnson and Rashad protects that previous settlement for Johnson once the divorce is final.

The main reason the majority of people creates and signs a prenuptial agreement is that it can protect your financial stability post-marriage. Prenuptial agreements can help ensure that the money you bring into the marriage is available to you after the marriage has ended and that family heirlooms that you may wish to give to your children are passed on through you and not your ex-spouse. A prenuptial agreement may also allow you to reduce the conflict once the marriage has ended as much of the monetary dispute may already be taken care of through the agreement.

However, signing a prenuptial agreement can come with its own complications such as sending the message to your future spouse that you are taking precautions due to not assuming that ‘forever’ is truly ‘forever.’ The clauses of the agreement may also be subject to a judge’s opinion on the validity of such an agreement. That is why it essential that you have a trusted advisor in the form of a family lawyer help you in drafting and reviewing the legal prenuptial document prior to signing.

As Ahmad Rashad and Sale Johnson have shown, a well drafted agreement may be able to save you in the long-term and protect your interests should your marriage unfortunately prior to “death do us part.” If you feel the need to explore either a pre-nuptial agreement or post-nuptial agreement, please research into the benefits and pitfalls of each and consult an attorney prior to becoming a party to either agreement.

Source: Daily Mail Online, “Sportscaster Ahmad Rashad BARRED from his home – days after messy split from millionaire wife Sale Johnson,” Jan. 22, 2013

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