Maryland’s Senator Colburn facing complicated divorce

Marriages fall apart all the time, across all levels of society. There have been several prominent political divorces in the headlines recently. One in particular involving a Maryland senator could prove to be a complicated divorce.

When it comes to dividing a household and separating lives, no decision is simple. When allegations of infidelity are added to the mix, though, like in Senator Colburn’s case, that can often cause emotions to run higher. When one of the spouses is in the public eye, acting as a public servant, he can be held to a higher standard — even if that seems unfair. If the infidelity allegedly involves someone on the staff of the public servant, as has been alleged in this particular case, the question of whether the public servant abused his power comes into play.

It was not immediately clear from this report if this couple has any children, so it is therefore not clear if child support or child custody will come into play. However, as with many couples who have been married for more than just a few years, there are many issues that this couple may have to deal with if they did not have a prenuptial agreement in place when they got married. These items might include investments, joint bank accounts, retirement accounts and insurance policies, to name just a few.

Divorce can become more complicated the longer that a couple is together. Lives become more entangled, as do their finances. Maryland residents who feel that their marriage is broken beyond repair and who are facing a complicated divorce may wish to gain an understanding of how they can protect their assets during property division, as doing so may help them make it through the process with a greater sense of confidence for their financial future.

Source:, Experts: Politicians lose promise of privacy, Jennifer Shutt, Jan. 8, 2014

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