Children may be substantially affected by divorce

Whether in Maryland or some other part of the nation, many people know that a marital split can be an extremely difficult and stressful event for once close couples. Property must be divided equally and those with children will have to decide the best way to handle any custody disputes. Though the couples themselves are often thought to have to endure the most strain after such an experience, fresh research indicated that divorce can have a significant effect on the children’s long-term development as well.

Thousands of random adults were sampled in a recent study that collected details relating to their ability to form bonds with other people and habits while interacting with others. The results of the study were that a large percentage of those surveyed had witnessed their parents getting a divorce. Further, it was found that the younger the individuals were at the time of said divorce, the more difficulty they would have forming parental bonds later on in life.

A follow up study was then done in order to determine if one parent was instinctively favored, or if a child would bond with the parent they spent the most time with. Researchers were able to determine from this new data that, indeed, children tended to favor the parent they saw most often growing up, while a child’s relationship with the other parent would grow less stable as time went on. Additionally, it was found that children who only regularly spent time around one parent had particular difficulty forming various kinds of relationships later on in life.

In the future, this information may be useful to people who are having difficulty deciding on how to best handle child custody issues. Either way, this study shows that divorce may have a lasting and substantial effect on a child’s ability to cope with relationship-related issues. Maryland parents that want the best for their children and are considering a divorce may want to consider this information before entering into a custody dispute.

Source: Medical News Today, “Early Divorce Can Affect Parent-Child Relationships Later,” Kelly Fitzgerald, July 1, 2013

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