To every child, parents are parents. Even if dad has dealt drugs, been in jail and has prison tattoos on his face, he’s still “Dad”. However, not all men who have a “past” understand the rights of both parents under the law. In Baltimore, Maryland, a group is dedicated to helping dads realize that when it comes to the rights of both parents to collaboratively raise a child when possible, having made serious errors in judgment doesn’t mean forgoing fatherhood.

The Center for Urban Families has helped many dads become better educated for both successful careers and positive parenting. As men who have sought the Center for assistance have noted, the Center is a place for them to work on being optimistic about the years ahead. The Center, which has been open for about 14 years, claims to have worked with thousands of city residents, including hundreds of dads.

Of course, it can be tough for some men if they haven’t paid to support for their children as they are supposed to do. When this is the case, the Center looks for opportunities for those men to find work; that way, they can begin to provide for their offspring. Center representatives feel this is their way to stop the wave of fatherless children who are being raised by mothers and grandmothers throughout Maryland, not to mention the rest of the country.

Looking at the rights of both parents is a key element of the Center’s philosophy. By all accounts, their team has been able to make an impact on families throughout the state. Ideally, the next generation of children will grow up knowing their dads in a supportive and loving environment.

Source: CNN, A fresh start for Baltimore’s absentee fathers, Diane Beasley, Sept. 19, 2013

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