IntraSpec Associates LLC

IntraSpec LogoGerry Stephens is President of IntraSpec Associates LLC in Fulton, Maryland.  Gerry and his team have provided management consulting services to clients for over 25 years, specializing in all aspects of operations and strategic management for technology-based businesses.  Gerry combines a broad systems perspective and process orientation with a passion for teamwork to help small and mid-size businesses survive and thrive in the “whitewater” turbulence of our evolving business environment.

Gerry StephensonAs a result of his consulting activities, Gerry was invited to join the executive team of a variety of companies.  He has held executive positions in engineering, manufacturing, customer services, product development, sales and business development, marketing and finance in companies ranging from scientific and technical services to digital equipment manufacturing to software product development.  Gerry has held P&L responsibility for business units ranging from startup to $100 million per year.  Despite his success in these areas, he always preferred the new challenges of consulting over the stability of organizational life.

Recently, Gerry has become an accredited Chair with Vistage Worldwide and a certified practitioner with The Leadership Circle™ to expand the portfolio of services he personally provides.  With these certifications, Gerry builds and facilitates peer advisory boards for small and mid-size business owners in the DC metro area and provides executive leadership development.

IntraSpecAssocGerry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA.  He has held certifications as a Professional Engineer (PE) and a Project Management Professional (PMP).  He was also a commissioned officer in the US Air Force.  Gerry serves on the Advisory Board for The Salvation Army of Central Maryland, and was a founding board member for both an ESOP-owned Subchapter S Corporation and his local Home Owner Association (HOA) in Clarksville, Maryland.

IntraSpecGerry practiced Chemical Engineering for several years until he lost a bet on a football game with his boss – who sent him back to school for an MBA.  Before the MBA, Gerry mathematically modeled chemical and manufacturing processes and used these models to optimize economic performance.  After the MBA, he started modeling business processes and using these models to optimize business performance.  One thing led to another, and Gerry started managing larger and larger business units.  In 1990, Gerry formed IntraSpec Associates to provide business process optimization and operations management consulting for small- and mid-sized technology-based businesses.  However, he has not bet on a football game since 1984.

Gerry and his family relocated to Clarksville, Maryland, in 2000, and IntraSpec Associates has been operating in this area since.   

Lusk Law, LLC have provided a variety of legal services to support Gerry’s activities over the past 15 years, both business and personal:  M&A, employee issues, multi-year office lease, Federal tax issues, child custody, HOA board operations.  Gerry views Lusk Law, LLC as a strong partner in his business activities and a very reliable resource for solving both business and personal problems before they blossom into full-fledged legal issues.

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