Independent Security Evaluators

Many small businesses count on Lusk Law, LLC, for all their legal needs, and our success depends on providing our clients with excellent service and representation. We’re thankful for the clients that have chosen our firm to represent them, so we developed our Client Spotlight e-blasts to recognize businesses with whom we have a long-standing relationship. For this month’s entry, we have chosen Independent Security Evaluators.

indexISE is an independent technology security firm in Baltimore dedicated to identifying their clients’ cyber-security vulnerabilities and protecting client assets from hacking, viruses and other threats. The company has earned international acclaim for its pioneering approach to security that involves finding vulnerabilities by attempting to hack into client devices and systems. ISE was the first company to hack the iPhone, Android phones, and Diebold eVoting machines, and it recently published a study about how cyber-attacks on hospitals could cause serious harm to patients.

ISE began in 2005 with a mission to hack the Texas Instruments DST40 RFID system, which was said to be unbreakable. RFID tags are small wireless devices that emit an identification code to a reader, such as a key fob that opens a door to an office. ISE’s founders were able to exploit security vulnerabilities and build an impostor RFID tag to start a Ford Taurus and buy gasoline, using their hacked ExxonMobil SpeedPass, a payment system tied to each individual customer’s credit cards. Since its inception, ISE has become  widely recognized as an authority on cyber-security and receives frequent requests to speak at conferences and at universities as guest lecturers.

The company came to Lusk Law, LLC, years ago, initially for help with its intake documents. Specifically, ISE needed a way to create Non-Disclosure Agreements that could be easily adapted for new customers. Attorney Rebekah Lusk and her team developed a method of expediting the NDA process, allowing ISE to more quickly begin working with new clients.

Of its experience working with Rebekah, ISE said, “Rebekah is very responsive, understands our business, and is always looking out for our best interests.”

Lusk Law, LLC., is proud to provide legal representation to a company that cares so much about protecting businesses and citizens from malicious cyber-attacks. ISE provides a valuable service and we value our relationship with them.

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