Importance of data protection in business planning

Most Maryland entrepreneurs probably know that writing a business plan is an important task. Planning should be a process that is ongoing even after a business is open, and owners should make certain that they have included planning for data protection.

In 2015, a security firm conducted a survey of small businesses. More than 60 percent of small business owners reported their companies had been victims of cyber attacks by criminals. Small businesses are very common targets for cyber criminals, underscoring the need for good data protection. Business owners should start by thinking about all of the different technological devices that are used by their company and employees because all could pose entry points for criminals. These include PDAs, cellphones, internal devices and customer and vendor emails.

Business owners should next make certain both their passwords and their employees’ passwords are unique, strong and changed frequently. Access to the company’s data should be encrypted as well to prevent criminals from being able to break in. They should also be aware of phishing scams and make certain their employees are trained to recognize them so they can be avoided. All of the devices used to access the company’s information should be encrypted, as should all of the data that is stored.

Running a small business necessarily involves planning for any issue that might arise. Owners may want to consult with a business law attorney about the steps they can take to best protect their companies. An attorney may be able to analyze the business to identify possible holes in the security chain.

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