Dealing with the traumatic effects of divorce

Traumatic experiences have different effects on all who experience them. Learning to overcome those effects is never easy and usually no more enjoyable than the experience was. However, by struggling through the process and overcoming those situations that could easily have negative effects on one’s life, individuals are able to grow and move forward.

Divorce is definitely one of those processes that requires great effort to get through. It is never something that just happens, leaving no scars. Sometimes those scars are traumatic, other times, not. If you are struggling through a divorce in Maryland at the moment, whether it involves children or not, there are lessons to learn in the pain and suffering you may be experiencing. However, those lessons require an active effort on your behalf to truly be dealt with and not get stuffed away in a dark closet somewhere to take up negative roots in your life.

To begin the healing process after a traumatic divorce, the first step is to acknowledge that it was indeed traumatic and that you lost something of value to you, whether it is your own personal pride or a love and affection that you made yourself vulnerable for and got burned by. After acknowledging that loss, you will be able to adequately grieve. Also, please keep in mind that when grieving, you do not have to do so alone. Friends and family can be helpful in getting you back on your feet, but also remember that professional help can often dig out the roots of the hurt more precisely. They may also be able to diagnose whether medicines are needed or would be beneficial to your recovery.

Divorce is never trouble-free, and sometimes the after-effects appear years after the event, just like other traumas. By taking the lead on your life and tackling them as they arise with different techniques depending on the situation, you are taking charge of your grief and not letting the trauma dictate your future.

If you are contemplating going through a divorce or any parental rights proceedings, please contact an attorney. A family law lawyer will be able to help assess the best legal strategies to make sure that your interests are more than adequately cared for. They can be another one of those professional contacts that may be able to help greatly in getting you through the traumatic experience of going through a divorce.

Source: Huffington Post, “The Traumatic Divorce: 6 Ways to Heal,” Mark Banschick, MD, Feb. 8, 2013

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