Couple’s fights over divorce-related issues for almost 2 decades!

Maryland residents who have been through a divorce know just how aggravating, complicated and stressful the process can be. Matters can be made exponentially more strenuous, though, when both parties absolutely refuse to cooperate. Two law professors have apparently been bickering and disputing so long over divorce-related issues that judges have begun to openly criticize them.

According to the report, the former couple’s marriage ended around 17 years ago, yet the two have remained in a continuous legal battle ever since. Apparently, the ongoing disputes primarily have to do with child custody arrangements for their children, both of whom have basically reached adulthood, and, of course, monetary-related issues. At this point, the feud itself is noted to have lasted seven years longer than their ten-year marriage together.

The divorce process alone reportedly took five years to finally go through, around five times longer than the average divorce takes. Additionally, it seems that the case file for the split has, amazingly, close to 1,500 entries in it. The battle between the ex-couple has gone on for so long, in fact, that judges have even begun to criticize the two for setting poor examples for their law students.

Regardless of who finally comes out on top regarding the couple’s legal dispute, it is probably safe to say that this lengthy and highly expensive conflict is well-overdue for a resolution. Thankfully, matters do not need to be anywhere near as difficult for Maryland couples wishing to file for divorce. Stories like these do illustrate why it is important to resolve divorce-related issues as efficiently as possible, though: prolonging and dragging out such a process can sometimes lead to stress and costly entanglement lasting far longer than necessary.

Source: ABC News, “Divorce-Related Legal Feud in Ohio Lasts 17 Years,” Aug. 12, 2013

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