Continuity planning for Maryland businesses

Many Maryland entrepreneurs prepare an initial business plan when they are launching a new enterprise. In order to help them stay on track and to be and remain successful, it is important for them to regularly revisit their forecasts. They should also complete a continuity plan which goes beyond planning for emergency preparedness and IT recovery, but rather addresses how emergency situations will be handled in more detail.

A good continuity plan should address how well the company will be able to operate during an emergency as well as how it will recover from one. Business owners should have procedures in place and provide training to employees about how they can respond in the event an emergency happens. They should make certain that all data is regularly backed up and stored at an off-site location.

If possible, facilities should be designed in a manner in which they are resilient to physical disasters, such as that caused by fires. Businesses should also plan for situations in which mass absenteeism caused by illness or a natural disaster will affect them and how it will be handled. They should also have contingency plans in place in the event there is a disruption in their supply chain. Systems should be developed that protect both employees and customers from health and security hazards, and planning should cover how the business will communicate with its employees as well as with the public in the event a disruption occurs.

Business planning should be an ongoing endeavor in order to make certain a company can both stay on track and recover in the event of an emergency. With a good plan in place that is periodically reviewed by an attorney, a business may be better able to minimize the damage and quickly rebound no matter how severe the disruption may be.

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