Client Spotlight – Angela Mays of Strategic Financial Solutions Group, LLC

Client Spotlight – Angela Mays of Strategic Financial Solutions Group, LLCAt Lusk Law, we have the privilege of working with incredible people, many of them entrepreneurs and business owners. We regularly take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on these clients to find out more about their businesses, achievements and relationship with our firm.

For this installment of our Client Spotlight series, we talked to Angela Mays, Managing Director and Founder of Strategic Financial Solutions Group, LLC, which specializes in providing accounting and consulting services to the defense and real estate industries.

Angela told us about her journey from part-time to full-time business owner, her ideal clients and her relationship with Lusk Law, LLC. Questions and responses have been lightly edited.

When did you start your business and what achievements are you proud of?

Angela Mays: I started my business 18 years ago as a part-time business providing accounting and tax services for small businesses. I officially started full-time in January of this year.  My motto is “Accounting with Integrity.”  I believe in honesty and integrity, and my clients feel that when they are working with me.

Who is your ideal client/customer?

AM: My ideal client is landlords and real estate investors whose accounting system is a complete mess. As a landlord and former real estate investor, I know that poor recordkeeping can cause landlords/real estate investors headaches at tax time. I know how difficult it is to set up your accounting system so that it will work specifically for the needs of landlords and real estate investors. They are able to track each rental property or real estate investment and know whether each investment or property is profitable. I enjoy helping them get organized and take the stress out of running their businesses.

How long have you been a client of Lusk Law?

AM: I have been a client for nine years. In 2008, we PCS’d to Camp Pendleton and I had to rent my property in MD. In 2009, the tenants were not paying rent. I contacted Ms. Lusk to represent me. Two years ago, I contacted her again to assist my son with a legal matter regarding a house he inherited.

What do you enjoy most about working with Lusk Law?

AM: She (Rebekah) is knowledgeable and honest. She’s easy to work with and understanding. She goes the extra mile for her clients, and that’s why I have continued to reach out to her when I have legal problems.

Lusk Law helped me during a time when I was not living in MD and I had tenants that were not paying rent. I had to rely on her to represent me in my absence. I really appreciated her help and the time she spent working on my behalf.

To find out more about Angela’s business, visit Strategic Financial Solution’s website –

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