How does cheating factor into a Maryland divorce?

Within a marriage, few events will wreak more havoc than an act of infidelity. Cheating creates a fundamental tear in the fabric of a relationship, and serves to undermine the trust that exists between a husband and wife. It is not surprising that many couples will eventually divorce after one or both partners have cheated. However, the role that an affair will play within a divorce differs with each particular scenario.

An act of adultery can serve as the basis of a divorce, but the matter often extends far beyond that. In many cases, infidelity creates a severe emotional reaction on the part of the spouse who has been cheated on. It is important for that individual to remain as balanced and rational as possible, even while in the midst of serious emotional turmoil. This is especially true when there are children within the home. Adultery should remain an issue between parents; children play no role in the matter.

A related consideration is the effect that an affair may have on one’s children. In some cases, unfaithful behavior can affect the well-being of children, or even place them at risk. While the “standard” affair may not have any bearing on the lives of the children, there are cases in which cheating is conducted in a manner that is unsafe for all involved. Spouses who feel that the behavior of their spouse may fall within this category should discuss the matter with a divorce attorney.

Maryland spouses who have been subjected to infidelity should make every effort to attend to their legal needs, as soon as a decision has been made to end a marriage. However, it is also important to look after one’s emotional well-being, which can be threatened in times of extreme stress. Divorce can be a challenge in the best of circumstances, and when a marriage ends because of an affair, the emotional component can be even more pronounced.

Source: Huffington Post, Divorce Confidential: A Cheating Heart and Its Role in Divorce, Caroline Choi, Oct. 1, 2013

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