Captain & Tennille to divorce after 39 years of marriage

Many people assume that when a marriage lasts for decades, both people in the partnership are happy and committed to staying together for the rest of their lives. That is not always the case — whether they live in Maryland or somewhere else. Even couples who are married for several decades can grow apart and eventually file for divorce.

One such couple, known professionally as the Captain & Tennille, have done just that. The singing duo who sang, “Love Will Keep Us Together” have decided that sentiment is no longer true and have filed for divorce after 39 years of marriage. The couple did not have any children.

The two married in the early 1970s. They met with huge success after singer Neil Sedaka saw them performing together in a California restaurant. Sedaka penned “Love Will Keep Us Together,” which sold thousands upon thousands of copies and earned record of the year at the Grammy Awards.

The singing-duo had a short-lived variety show on television in the late 1970s. They also recorded several network specials and a CD with Christmas songs. Most recently, they released music used on a Cartoon Network special.

Despite the public nature of their divorce, few, if any, people may ever know all the details that prompted the Captain and Tennille to end their many years of marriage. In this, they are no different from any typical Maryland couple facing similar circumstances. Sometimes, regardless of the shared history, divorce is the best option for everyone involved.

Source: TV Guide, Captain & Tennille Divorcing After 39 Years of Marriage, Kate Stanhope, Jan. 22, 2014

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