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Forming a business can be exciting, but it is often stressful and confusing. There are many decisions that need to be made and nuances that need to be considered. If something is overlooked and your business is not formed properly, the impact could cost you all of your hard work.

Many business owners do not have the time or experience to consider every aspect of business formation. You already have a lot on your plate. That makes it easy to overlook some formation details, which wouldn’t otherwise get addressed until a problem happens. Many business disputes could be prevented by working with a business formation lawyer before issues pop up.

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How Our Business Formation Lawyer Can Help

Our Business Formation Attorneys Focus on the Big Picture and the Small Details

Our business formation lawyers have the first-hand experience of starting their own firm and other businesses and can offer valuable advice you might not find elsewhere. We have run a legal business and other businesses for many years and gained extensive knowledge of Maryland and federal laws and regulations in the process. Therefore, our business formation attorneys know that how you structure your business will have effects in other legal areas. These other areas include:

  • Employment law
  • Taxation
  • Liability
  • Breach of contract
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Dissolution.

Our goal in helping you make your dream a reality is to put safeguards in place so you aren’t faced with a legal nightmare down the road. It is wise to be proactive and not to wait for legal issues to arise. By partnering with Lusk Law, LLC, you can rest assured that your business is optimized should you face a problem.

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Our Business Formation Attorneys Take To-Dos From You

You need to safeguard the business you’re building from the ground up. We can anticipate problems that might arise in your business as it grows and provide preventative and proactive legal advice.

An experienced business formation lawyer will help keep you ahead of legal problems in a variety of ways. Starting a business requires more than filling out forms. Our business formation lawyers will take the time to understand your business and your needs and answer questions you may have about the process. Then the attorneys at Lusk Law, LLC will walk you through the legal considerations of forming a business, and will:

  • Advise you on advantages and disadvantages of different business entity and structure options
  • Discuss the groundwork for business operations
  • Complete the proper paperwork for business registration, incorporation, or organization
  • Assess tax implications and compliance issues
  • Handle commercial real estate transactions, such as reviewing leases
  • Define rights and roles of all company owners or partners
  • Draft and review contracts and agreements for employees, contractors, clients, and vendors
  • Identify regulatory, permit, or licensing issues in your industry
  • Inform you about relevant employment laws
  • Advise on investor or shareholder terms, rights, agreements, and governance, and more.

As you can see, we focus on more than just the technical formation of your business. Our goal at Lusk Law, LLC is to help with any part of your business formation we can so that your business can thrive and develop while minimizing unintended negative consequences.

Call (443) 535-9715 to learn about our forward-looking strategies and to hear more about our services. We are excited to learn about your business idea in a confidential consultation.

Our Business Formation Lawyers Advise on Business Structures

One of the most important decisions in forming your business is deciding what business entity is right for you. How you structure your business should be based on your individual needs and your company’s goals. Which approach you choose should reflect the type of management and control structure desired and the number of partners or owners involved.

Our insightful business formation attorneys in Frederick, MD, will advise you on the pros and cons of each possibility and how you can protect both your interests and the business’s interests. Your business form could be a:

Not only will we help our clients understand the available options, but we will guide them to a decision on the most appropriate business structure to match their vision. This includes considering tax implications, personal liability, and business operations.

A key consideration is to control your liability exposure. Each client will have different priorities, so it’s important to discuss yours with our business formation attorneys. Choosing the right structure is vital to building a solid foundation for your business.

You do not have to figure out the consequences of different organizational structures alone. At Lusk Law, LLC, we are prepared to ensure that things run smoothly with formation and far into the future. Call today: (443) 535-9715.

Our Business Formation Attorneys Handle Paperwork and Contracts

Drafting legal paperwork is something that most small-business owners have little experience doing. And rightly so. You have spent considerable time honing the skills needed to run your business, including developing expertise in your industry. Allow the business law attorneys at Lusk Law, LLC to draft, review, and apply for all the organizing and ancillary documents you could need. Documents for launching your venture can include:

  • Articles or certificates of incorporation
  • Partnership agreements
  • Operating agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • By-laws
  • Buying and selling agreements
  • Commercial leases
  • Lending and financing documents
  • Insurance coverage documents
  • Licenses and registrations
  • Employee contracts
  • Service contracts.

Believe it or not, the success of your business can depend on having the right forms and documents. If you have agreements that aren’t clear, you won’t be giving your business a fair chance to run smoothly. The agreements will help establish internal policies as well as procedures for doing business external to your company. Our business formation lawyers in Frederick, MD, can help you avoid unnecessary business litigation by handling all your paperwork and contracts.

Regardless of the type of business you’re starting, our business formation attorneys can offer legal services, counsel, and guidance to help you through the paperwork. Call Lusk Law, LLC today at (443) 535-9715.

Our Business Formation Attorneys Understand Tax Implications

If you don’t understand the tax requirements for your business, you could find yourself in a lot of financial trouble. When most people think of taxes, they think of their own income taxes. However, as an employer and business owner, you should be familiar with additional obligations. Fortunately, our Frederick, MD, business formation lawyers are more than familiar.

Your personal responsibility will depend on your organizational business structure, so obtaining tailored information is paramount. Taxation is a complex legal area that a qualified business formation attorney can help you navigate. Relying on sound advice can help you minimize your tax obligations and maximize your profit.

Call our business formation lawyers today to discuss how taxes will affect your new business. (443) 535-9715.

Our Business Formation Lawyers Consult on Employment Law Considerations

Whether you decide to hire employees or work with independent contractors, or utilize a combination of the two, you will likely have questions about the details and implications of these classifications. Business formation attorneys in Frederick, MD, can address your concerns.

If you hire employees, not only would it be worthwhile to have our business formation lawyers review your hiring contract, but you can get help with substantive employment laws and regulations. Terminating employees can be tricky. Plus, navigating benefits such as leave can be overwhelming for a new business owner. Your responsibilities as an employer are also dependent on the number of employees you have. Therefore, it’s important to consult with an experienced business formation attorney regarding your specific situation.

Even if you don’t hire employees and want to work with independent contractors, you will likely have many questions about contracts and your responsibilities. Fortunately, you can obtain reliable legal advice from Lusk Law, LLC. We can assist with legal issues that arise in the course of operating your new enterprise.

Our business formation lawyers have years of experience providing comprehensive support, including with employment issues. Call us today to learn more: (443) 535-9715.

Our Business Formation Attorneys Discuss Regulatory Hurdles

The type of business you set up will determine what regulations you should follow. The governing body responsible for licensing you, your employees, or even your contractors can vary. You might be required to post certain signs and warnings and may even be responsible for making your business accessible to customers, clients, vendors, and employees. You could need periodic inspections to determine compliance. Consider how the requirements for a barbershop or beauty salon could vary from those for a restaurant or bakery.

All of the details surrounding licensing or permitting can slow down the opening of a business. However, when you partner with Lusk Law, LLC, we can handle the business formation tasks while you focus on your business goals.

Call (443) 535-9715 to find out how we can help with getting your business off the ground. The sooner you seek legal advice, the easier the process will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Business Formation Lawyer Answers Common Questions

Do I need to form an organization to run my business?

No, it’s not necessary, but it is usually recommended. There are many liability implications for operating a sole proprietorship, so you should speak with a business formation attorney.

How do I create a business entity in Maryland?

You have to register a business with the state. The Maryland Secretary of State and accompanying websites tell you the forms and filing fees needed. However, you will still want to consult with an attorney regarding the type of entity you should register.

My business idea is unique. Do you have the experience needed?

Yes. We have experience getting all types of businesses started in a variety of industries. Whether you have a small business with one owner, more than one owner with multiple employees, have investors or a Board, are seeking 501(c)(3) status, or are working online, we can help. We have resources and networks available to do any needed research or outreach.

I have an established business. Can you help me?

Yes. You want to be sure that you have strong protections for your business. You could benefit from having your contracts reviewed. Do not wait for your business to face a legal dispute before you learn about unnecessary liability you’re open to.

It’s likely that you have additional questions for our business formation lawyers. Don’t hesitate to call Lusk Law, LLC at (443) 535-9715 to get them answered by a Frederick, MD, business formation attorney.

Consult a Maryland Business Formation Attorney

If you want to start your new business in Maryland on the right foot and avoid costly mistakes, a business formation attorney can help. The business practice at Lusk Law, LLC is diverse in scope and has the ability to consult on many issues facing entrepreneurs, including contracts, transactions, and litigation.

Call us to learn more about how we can help get your business started: (443) 535-9715.

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